Ascension Alchemy Method™

Akashic Records 

Training and Certification Program

Immersive Self Study and Community of Light

The potential to access and work with the Akashic Records is within you now.  

If you feel the call to learn more about the Akashic Records you are a conduit between Earth and the Divine and now is your time.  

Hey! I'm Tracy Gaudet, Creator of the Ascension Alchemy Method™ Akashic Records Training Program. 

Read this page, and go within to see if this is your pathway to access more of your soul gifts and wisdom. 

Are the Akashic Records Calling You? 

You might be getting intuitive nudges, like noticing Akashic Records being mentioned or showing up in your reality time and again. 

You might have a feeling like the larger part of you knows that this is something worth exploring, that this is something that can can radically shift your life.

You get the sense that this is a natural part of who you are. 

What can happen when you work with the Akashic Records? 

Soul Gifts

You turn on and turn up your energy healing and intuitive abilities (and self belief!) so that you can align to your goals and dreams on every level. 


Areas of confusion, uncertainty and doubt turn into clarity and confirmation. Your connection and practice in the Records will help you to understand your Highest and best next steps in all situations.  

Deeper Impact

You are able to dive deeper with yourself and your clients so that you can understand the subtle energies at play and help to create deep breakthroughs.

Is this program for you? 

I've created this just for you

  • You are intuitive, practice with meditation, oracle cards, energy work or similar
  • You feel a calling to deepen that intuitive/ energy healing connection
  • You are ready to do the mindset work and take responsibility for yourself in order to tap into your gifts
  • You are open minded and ready to dive deeper into who you are on a Soul level
  • You recognize the value of a community that supports each other fully without judgement

Keep moving, not for you

  • If you are brand new to intuition or the world of energy 
  • If you have not claimed responsibility for yourself and your life
  • If you are putting responsibility on others to make you happy
  • If you are not into or open to chakras, energy healing and the like
  • You can't help yourself, you love to judge and criticize others

What past students Are Saying

Honestly, I loved it all. I particularly love following you when you guide us to visit past lives or temples etc.

I feel that I have had a shift in understanding and awareness and my mind has been opened beyond what I thought was possible! It’s a shift in awareness and understanding for me, delving deeper into it all.

You are a fantastic teacher, I love your approach. Kind, genuine, approachable, down to Earth but also very inspiring and knowledgeable!

Thank you so much! I’ve loved delving into the Akashic world with you. It has been amazing. Truly grateful!

Lucy Parnaby,

Soul Coach

It’s the most content filled and supportive course I’ve ever taken. There was no extra fluff, just exactly what was needed and you went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood everything that was taught and kept everyone engaged. The video modules are straightforward and to the point and full of information and I love the healings. 

I’m reconnecting to my intuition again and to my soul purpose as a healer.

Kate Karpen,

Psychic Healer and Mentor

Am I the right teacher for you?

My Method of Teaching. 

My method for teaching addresses areas that I myself, as well as past students and clients encounter during spiritual and personal initiation into Soul gifts. 

This approach:

  • Teaches you logically so your mental body has something to grasp on to. This makes a huge difference and brings practical energy into the picture. 
  • Aligns you energetically so that you are more fully open to and aware of your Soul gifts. 
  • Gives you the mindset tools and coaching to get your subconscious on board so that you accept and allow your Soul gifts.

This approach allows you to more fully step into Soul alignment and expression.

Our Journey 

We work only with the highest quality energy and sacred space during our journey.  It is a huge part of my Soul Mission as a Wayshower to guide initiates more deeply into their Soul gifts, ascension and potential.  This is the intention our journey is based in. 

This 12 week training program includes: energy healing, activation and attunement to accelerate your progress, not just in this course but throughout your spiritual development. Plus an option to complete and receive certification in Ascension Alchemy Method™ Akashic Records.

Course Content 

Our course content is divided into 6 bi-weekly modules

Every module contains an Akashic Lesson plus workbooks, energy healings and activations to compliment the journey

Previously Recorded Live Calls

Access to calls from the 2021 live run through are available to greatly enhance your journey. 

Live calls alternate between mindset calls, practice calls and journey calls where we explore the records and deepen your journey



Access the Records! 

We focus on intuitive expansion, experience more about dimensions, activate chakras that will help to deepen your relationship to the Akashic Records and get serious about energy hygiene.


Expand Your Lightbody and Connection to The Records and Formulate Empowered Questions

Our energy is ready for another upgrade, as we expand and activate Higher chakras and learn how to ask the most powerful questions possible in the records. 


Integrity as an Intuitive and Healer & Reading for Others

We claim our personal responsibility as a healer and practitioner of the  Akashic Records as we expand to read for others 


Shifting Energy in the Records

Learn multiple ways to shift energy in the Records to create massive shifts and self healing in your life.


Expanding Your Gifts and Mastery

We advance deeper with advanced ways to work with the Records and activate your energy for a stronger connection


Practical Application of Akashic Records

Explore your own personal connection to the Records and how it connects to your daily life going forward. 

INSTANT ACCESS!  Pre Course Intuition Masterclass 

When you register you get instant access to these bonuses so you are ready to dive into live classes!

  • Introduction to working multidimensionally, this is a natural Soul gift you have, it's time to practice and play with it.
  • Introduction to the Akashic Records and developing your intuition, start with where you are and build, build, build! 
  • Introduction and attunement to 5D chakra system, important as you access more of your spiritual gifts to maintain balance and clarity.  
  • Introduction to EFT tapping and mindset work to keep you moving forward, not getting tripped up by resistance and past programming.
  • Private community for support and questions 
  • Collection of energy activations and guided journeys to help you anchor in your intuitive and soul gifts.

What past students Are Saying

Full Program includes 

Bonus Content (immediate access) 

  • Intro to working multidimensonally
  • Intro to the Akashic Records and developing your intuition
  • Intro to 5D chakra system
  • Intro to EFT tapping and mindset work to support your journey
  • Collection of guided journeys and activations to strengthen intuition
  • Read oracle cards like a pro training series
  • Private community for questions, support and connection  

Course Content 

  • 6 Video Modules  
  • Workbooks 
  • Energy healings, activations and attunements to accelerate your growth 
  • Channelled energetic vow and sigil to activate you and anchor you into the records 
  • Option for certification once all practice requirements are complete
  • 12 Live (recorded) group calls (mindset, practice and Akashic Journey calls)

Self Study Enrolment Now Open! 

Want to try a sample class to see if it's the right vibe for you? 

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  • Module 1 Video Class 
  • Plus Intro to the Ascension Alchemy Method™ Webinar

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 Lifetime Access (all content and any future live rounds)

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100% Money Back Guarantee

My Highest intention is always to be the wayshower and share my teaching with those who will most benefit from it and those who resonate most deeply with my energy (for biggest impact!). If you find within 7 days of signing up that you are not resonating with my way of teaching (and not just wanting to back out, out of fear!) simply reach out for a full refund. It's that easy, spiritual evolution is not about pressure and force, it's about alignment and expansion. 

Peggy Toyoshima 

I wasn't sure if I'd be able to access the Akashic Records. My friend told me about Tracy. I trust my friend and decided to put full faith into Tracy that she'd be able to help me access the Akashic Records successfully. My Gracious!!!!!!! :o

I took an intense intuition course prior to starting Tracy's course. Through Tracy's course, I have total faith in my intuition when I'm reading in the Akashic Records, there's no hesitation and no doubt!! :D

 My consciousness and energy have also expanded dramatically!!! :D I've gone through some major downloads will taking Tracy's course.

 It's Soooo COOOOL!!!!! :D Sometimes my energy is so Expansive, I can feel parts and sometimes my whole body tingling!!!! :D When I read someone else's Records, the messages come in Sooo Clearly, there's no question or second guessing what the message is. I hear it, I relay it!!! :D It's also Fun talking with the Records Keepers and Divine friends cause they have Such a Magnificent sense of Humor!!!!!! :D

Another favorite part is when I can tell the messages I relay have a huge impact on the person I'm reading... :D

-Peggy Toyoshima, Intuitive Healer 

Shelley Scudder 

I was hesitant to take this course because I had many other obligations going on at the same time. I was afraid I couldn't dedicate enough time to it. Now I feel much more grounded and a shift in my understanding of the events of my life.  I feel a sense of wonder and excitement with discovering my records. 

The way you teach, Tracy, feeds my soul. You answer my questions before I ask them! I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to provide additional training in other areas. I love that you provide time for us to practice.

I would absolutely recommend this course! It is packed with value, high vibe participants and a kick ass teacher! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! 

-Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master at Shelley in Grace

Mandy Clemens 

For me it was affording the program because I didn't feel worthy. I had to ask for support But I got it and I'm So happy I went out of my comfort zone! This Course is a True Blessing! I have been healing on a Deep level since I started. Right now I'm noticing my trust is growing for my intuion. I'm noticing what is True and what the illusion is. I have always had strong visions and now my Feelings/messages are growing with those visions making it a more impactful connection. I'm focused on letting go of a lot right now and making room for All the Beautiful Glorious Magic I came here to Create!Honestly Everything!

I enjoy how the course is set up so I can take my own time. I don't feel rushed! I Love the Live zoom calls with Tracy and All of her Love and Support! I grew to Love EFT tapping and appreciate All the extra training for that! I Just Love it All! The Support from the group is out of this world! 

I Appreciate This sacred space! I Love the Support and guidance. I was so afraid to sign up and be around those who are going through the same life experience's through spiritual growth But it feels amazing to not be alone anymore! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! 

- Mandi Clemens, Intuitive Healer and Mindset Coach

Hi! I'm Tracy Gaudet

Soul Alchemist and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

I work with emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to understand more of who they are, to accept and trust themselves and express their Divine Genius, to create their master level fulfilment and impact. 

I work with the Akashic Records through the spiritual, mindset and emotional levels to Shamanically guide you to the core of who you are. As the creator of intuitive development and personal mastery systems as well as energy healing modalities, I understand the depth that it takes to access your Divine Genius and the unmistakable feeling of Soul fulfilment when you are tapped in. Let's Rise!

Self Study Enrolment Now Open! 

Want to try a sample class to see if it's the right vibe for you? 

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  • Intuition Bonus and Prep Class
  • Module 1 Video Class 
  • Plus Intro to the Ascension Alchemy Method™ Webinar

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