Private Mentorship

I guide and assist you to expand your connection to the Divine, to a state of empowerment, a deeper connection to abundance and intuition. 

I work with you through your unique ascension process to move towards your potential, a deep happiness and flow that expands the Divine in your life. 

I use my psychic connection, a magical combination of coaching and energy healing to help you heal on many levels and really 'get' the lessons and gifts your journey is providing.

I would be honored to connect with you and explore where you are at on your journey and how I can help you through the next level. 


What type of areas do I help you work through?​

  • Self Worth & Confidence
  • Understanding and Moving Through Challenges
  • Business & Marketing
  • Feeling 'blah' Like There's Got to Be Something More
  • Intuitive and Spiritual Growth
  • Co-Creation Coaching


Light Happiness Mentorship

Monthly 45 Minute Sessions

Supporting guided meditations and weekly email access

3 Month Package $750USD

or 3 monthly pays of $250USD

Divine Connection & Empowerment Package

(1) 90 minute session

(5) 60 Minute Session Over 12 Weeks

6 Months Access to Sacred Library

Email access between session

$2662USD or 3 monthly pays of $888USD

Soul Expansion Highest Potential Package

Everything in Divine Connection and Empowerment Package.

PLUS: *Soul Happiness Divine Blueprint Report and Custom Created Activation and Healing (Exclusive $797 Value)

Complete package in 3 - 5 months (at your unique pace)

$3333USD or 3 monthly pays of $1111USD

How it Works

We meet via Zoom audio, then we chat. Then we go deep. It's really that simple. We uncover what is going on, all the while working in your subconscious and energy body through the 8th Dimension, Akashic Records and other energy healing modalities. 

We get to the root cause of the issue and work with your guides and energy to release what no longer serves you and bring in new empowering energy. We allow the healing process to begin and generally there will be some homework assignments to make the most of our time together. 

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law of attraction coach

What to Expect with Energy Work

Energy work is so very fascinating. Everyone processes and reacts to it very differently. Some feel nothing but just know they feel better. Others can feel the energy - know where in their physical bodies it is moving through and can deeply feel the emotions. 

Some clearings take place quickly, while others take a while, even weeks to integrate into your physical body. This is an energetic upgrade - so kind of like doing repairs to your home certain care can be taken to make the most of it. 

While working with me I strongly recommend daily self-care to allow easier processing. Below are some examples, but on each call I will determine what the most impacting self care will be:

  • Lay flat 10 minutes a day with no distractions. This helps your body to process old energy out
  • Journal or meditate daily even for 5 minutes. Again helping with the emotional and conscious process. 
  • Get 'grounded' this just means to connect in with the earth. We deal with some high vibe stuff so we need to reign it down to our physical level. So getting outside, exercise, epsom salt bath, carrying and meditating with grounding crystals are a few ideas. 
  • Drink lots of water. LOTS. With lemon or cucumber ideally. 

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