Ascension Alchemy Method™

Akashic Records Training and certification Program

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The Akashic Records are THE most powerful tool I have encountered for my life and business. 

They bring immense clarity and confirmation

They help facilitate deep healing of patterns, beliefs and trapped energies

They point me in the direction of my desires and provide a clear map of where to go next

They assist me in providing extremely accurate information so my clients see the benefits as well

I am blessed to have a strong Soul connection to the Akashic Records and use this expansive connection to attune and mentor you to develop your own unique relationship with this powerful tool. 

YOU are the conduit between Earth and the Divine and if you are called to the Akashic Records then you have the ability to access and work with them. 

Stand tall and step into your expanded power now and answer the call. 


This transformative 9 week training program with the option to complete and receive certification in Ascension Alchemy Method™ Akashic Records to use in your own life and with your own clients. 

This program includes energy healing, activation and attunement to accelerate your progress, not just in this course but throughout your spiritual development.


Ascension Alchemy Method™

Understanding the Akashic Records

Understanding Multidimensions


Accessing Multi Dimensions


Working with The Record Keepers

Accessing Your Own Records


Reading for Others

Integrity as an Intuitive and Healer


Shifting Energy in the Records

Expanding Your Gifts


Integration to Physical

Practical Application of Akashic Records

WEEKS 7 - 8 - 9

Practicing Ascension Alchemy Method™ Akashic Records

Extended 3 weeks of group mentorship and practice to use this powerful spiritual tool with confidence in your life and business.

The way I work with the Akashic Records is unique and moves multi-dimensionally for maximum impact which requires an expanded perspective and practice. 

Training and Certification will begin May 18, 2019 

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Investment for this intensive 9 week expereince and all you need for certification is $797 USD (Save $90 with pay in full)

(4 Month Payment Plan of $222)

  • Including 6 Video Modules
  • Includes PDF Guidebook
  • Learning to read and work with the Multi-Dimensional Akashic Records
  • 9 Group Coaching Calls and Practice Sessions 
  • *Certification once all practice requirements are complete
  • Energy healings, activations and attunements to accelerate your growth

Enrollment for this life changing program closes May 17th, 2019




A new module is released in each of the first 6 weeks

Wednesdays & Thursdays

Each Wednesday at 7pm EST & as a second option, Thursday at 12pm EST

We have a live practice and mentorship call to put your skills to work. Interacting with other practitioners and getting all your questions addressed by me. All call will be recorded. 

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Learn more about this program with this in depth video