Where are you at right now?

Seeking More on Intuition & Spirituality

Seeking Inspiration & Clarity for Business

Seeking Forward Movement and Energy Alignment  for Business

Empowerment & Strategic Energy Alignment 




  • Understand Why You're Feeling Stuck and How to Remove Obstacles
  • Get into Business Alignment with Spiritual and Energetic Growth ​
  • Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs
  • Step into Your Spiritual/ Psychic Gifts
  • Clear Lifetimes of Energetic Patterns 

Step into Your Power

My specialty is in getting rid of your resistance to stepping into your power and commanding the business you want.

I offer my clients a practice and strategy (along with the healing, guidance and know how to get there) so that by making small habitual changes and BIG ENERGETIC SHIFTS - you make a huge impact on your life.

Your resistance is unique, and comes in many forms, generally based in fear, doubt, lack of self worth/ confidence, misunderstanding your gifts, sabotaging yourself.

It might mean you feel like you’re in the mud with your business - where you just can’t seem to do certain things to step up. It might mean that you can’t even see what your next step is because of the fog of what may happen if you actually step into your power.

We work at releasing and aligning from multiple angles to dig in and get you taking steps up into your power consistently - until one day you realize you just own it - and you feel fucking fantastic.

We start like way, way back. Past life style - I work in the Akashic Records to clear away old energy that is still affecting you today.

We then move on to release inherited and trapped emotions from this lifetime at an energetic level.

Next up is mindset- we want to make sure you don’t fall back into the same patterns and so make sure your mindset matches where you are headed.

Finally real world action. All the energetic and mindset steps will make this part easier and feel much more like a flow - but they still have to be completed.

Your purpose - your power comes from the actions you take. It’s where the culmination of all the other work we’ve done swirls around in spirals of light and change. Where reality starts to match your vibration. Online business alchemy, and so much more.

Business alchemy is a natural progression for up and coming leaders and change-makers. A time when you know you are ready to step up. Are prepared to invest in your growth and see the value of working as often as you can in your zone of genius, in your power.

Business alchemy is about expanding, about understanding where you're staying small and hiding so you can move through.

It's about getting CLEAR on what is working in your business and energy and what just isn't in alignment anymore. It's about reaching more people while staying grounded in what you want out of your business. It's about making an impact and still having time to shower, eat 3 meals a day, talk to people like oh, family and friends AND care for yourself.

How do you know if you are ready for alchemy?

If you are craving more. More from your business. More of your power you know is on the brink. 

You are feeling stuck in your business, while it's doing ok - you're looking for AMAZING.

You feel a pull to learn more about your spiritual and psychic gifts and how they can enhance your life. 

If you feel it. You feel the power brewing but don't see the steps yet. I can guide you.

Alchemy One-Off Sessions - Boost Your Clarity + Focus


Clarity on Your Next Step

These sessions are a great intro to business alchemy, when you're feeling stuck and need to see your path back to alignment or move a particularly sticky block. We dive right in to the root cause of what is preventing forward movement, clear energy, develop mindset tactics and action steps so that you have a plan. 

Investment $177

Alchemy Packages - Consistent Growth

Anca Stefania IorgulescuTravel & Coach

I'd like to thank Tracy Gaudet! She is spectacular! Helped me during our session clear a big, big chunk of energy stuck. Since then I've felt so focused and I feel an increase in self-belief and self-worth. I recognise abundance all around me. I'm very grateful Tracy supported me with the clearing of the energy and now I'm continuing the mindset work. If you feel things could flow easier, do reach out to Tracy Gaudet! Thank you. Happy thoughts


Focused Energy Alignment

What it would feel like to flow in your business, instead of swimming upstream? This 6 week program is designed to get you started and well on your way to abundant, joyful flow. 

Not all energetic and mindset blocks that keep you feeling stuck and small are to do with your business directly. In this 6 week experience (45 minute session weekly + email support) we dive into the most pressing issues in your energy that will make the greatest impact on your happiness and abundance. 

Join me on this immersive experience as we dive into:

  • Understanding what is making you feel stuck 
  • What your spiritual gifts are and how to start accessing them
  • What current and past life patterns need to be released
  • Clearing at an energetic, cellular level and how to do your own clearing work at home
  • Your most aligned, joyful, expansive path forward

Investment $797 (Payment Plans Available, Contact Me for Details)

Darcy Iverson Love Coach

Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. I came to her after wanting and not finding the love of my life for several years. I had lost my purpose and knew I had gifts to share with the world, but confused about what that looked like. I had a dream of becoming a wife and mother but despaired over this as I hadn’t found the one for me. I felt blocked, stuck, frustrated and burnt out when I came across her page on Pinterest. I had NO idea how much my life would change as a result. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. Within a few weeks of working with her I was going on dates and in less then three months I was with the man I now call my husband. Within those same months I knew I wanted to become a love coach and guide other women who were lost like me. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!

What Goes in to Business Alchemy?

  • Law of Attraction
  • Spiritual Growth and Mentorship
  • Mindset Shift
  • Step by Step Instructions
  • Open up to your Spiritual Gifts 
  • Business Strategy
  • Energy Healing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Psychic Insight (Akashic Records)
  • Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  • Energy Reading 
  • Practical Step-by-Step Instructions

Are You Ready?

Are You Feelin' it?

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Please note this is not a psychic reading or energy clearing session, more of a 'can I see myself working with you' style chat. 

Jessica ThenhausBusiness Coordinator 

I could feel the work with Tracy begin before our call even started. Within minutes of our session I was amazed by how accurate and spot on her reading was. She used her incredible gifts to guide and heal in a way I have never experienced before! Tracy's mindful and comforting demeanor kept me feeling safe and protected while she uncovered some blocks that I *knew* existed on some level but couldn't see or move past on my own. The insights provided during my session were super helpful and assisted me in releasing fears that were holding me back. This combined with Tracy's healing gifts made a huge impact on me and the path I'm on. I'm still feeling the effects of Tracy's work days later!