Soul Alchemy

Embody Your Divine Self

8 Week Group Journey

For women who feel in every cell of their body they are ready to claim their true essence, radically love themselves and embody Divine empowerment

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Amplify Intuition and Connection to Multi-Dimension Akashic Records

Connect to Your Source of Power, Love and Manifestation

Awareness of Next Steps on Your Highest Potential Path

Integrate Your Higher Self and Divine Wisdom NOW

In this whirlwind of empowered energy having a stable, consistent space to dedicate to your spiritual/self growth, magic and expression allows you to fully harness the Divinity of who you are. It's time to allow Soul Alchemy to deeply transform your life. 

You've got this 

You are worthy of clarity NOW

You are deserving of abundance, peace and joy NOW

You are everything you have always wanted to be and more NOW 

It is time to align to yourself NOW

Strong Start

Access to my workshop 'design and create the life of your Soul desires' to give you a refresher on what co-creation is all about in 2018, and get your intentions focused.

Block Busting 

Each coaching call we dive into the most pressing resistance  for the group and release with 8D shift clearings, Your Akashic Records, Archangels and more. 

Consistent Commitment

9 group coaching calls including teaching specific to current energy we are in, connection to your multi-dimensional Akashic Records plus individual lightning guidance and mentorship from me.

Aware, Release, Refocus

With my focused system of being mindfully aware, then releasing the resistance and then refocusing on what you desire you will move through this Lion's Gate energy with power and potential and opportunity. 


7 Live Coaching Calls  (recorded and I encourage you to email your questions/ resistance if you're unable to attend) coaching calls include:

  • Energy healing based on biggest themes coming up for group
  • Individual time to ask questions, receive psychic insight and lightning guidance
  • Weekly connection to multi-dimensional Akashic Records to expand your intuition and healing abilities and integrate more of your Higher Self
  • Quick daily practice to mindfully shift into your Divine essence and release 3D suffering and limitations

Live Online (Zoom) Classes Will Be Held: (All Recorded)

*Please note Summer Sessions are now full, sign up for the wait list below for the Fall sessions starting in October 2018*

YOU are your biggest asset, let's embody more of who you are and release past programs and conditioning.  

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For this group mentorship and healing journey.

Limited to 5 people per session for individual attention. 

Investment $800USD, 4 monthly pays of $200USD

Tracy Gaudet

I'm Tracy, the soul alchemist.
I help empower you to step into your true, happy, expansive self. To see things from a new perspective, to embrace your own spiritual gifts and use them to enrich your business and your life.
To get to know yourself and feel that inner happiness from within that has the potential to change EVERYTHING. I focus on reading and clearing the energetic side (subconscious, past life, subtle patterns) that are keeping you feeling stuck in your life and business and get you the practical steps to move forward into your expansive, magical self.