Soul Alchemy

C0-create YOUR life from a place of Immense personal power

Manifesting Incubator & Group Coaching Program 

For women ready to step up, step into their potential and focus on expanding and expressing who they are on a deep Soul level.

Amplify and Expand Your Empowerment 

Understand and Express Yourself at a Soul Level

Mindfully Self-Heal & Release Layers of Limits

Become Aware of Next Steps on Your Highest Potential Path

In this whirlwind of empowered energy having a stable, consistent space to dedicate to your extreme self growth, creativity and expression allows you to fully harness the magic of who you are. It's time to allow Soul Alchemy into your world be more of yourself than ever before. 

You've got this 

You are worthy of clarity

You are deserving of abundance and joy

You are everything you have always wanted to be and more

Your power is limited only by your perception 

It is time to align to yourself

Strong Start

You will receive access to my workshop 'design and create the life of your Soul desires' to give you a refresher on what co-creation is all about in 2018, and get your intentions focused.

Block Busting 

Each coaching call we dive into the most pressing resistance  for the group and release with 8D shift clearing, the Ascension Awareness Collective, Your Akashic Records, Archangels and more. 

Consistent Commitment

7 group coaching calls including lightning coaching with me, an empowering energy clearing, release and refocus with specific themes for each call (details of each call below) 

Aware, Release, Refocus

With my focused system of being mindfully aware, then releasing the resistance and then refocusing on what you desire you will move through the energy this Summer with power and potential. 

Included in this group coaching program

7 Live Coaching Calls  (recorded and I encourage you to email your questions/ resistance if you're unable to attend) coaching calls include:

  • Energy healing based on biggest themes coming up for group
  • Individual time to ask questions, receive psychic insight and lightning coaching
  • Shamanic journeys to pump up the clarity, self-trust, empowerment and expansion
  • Consistent focus on Soul desires for traction on your dreams
  • Empowered coaching so you always remember your power and potential

Live Online (Zoom) Classes Will Be Held: (All Recorded)

  1. August 8th 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  2. August 15 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  3. August 22 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  4. August 29th 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  5. Integration Week Off
  6. September 12th 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  7. September 19th 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST
  8. September 26th 10am EST/ 7am PST/ 3pm BST

YOU are your biggest asset, let's put her to use and empower her to create her desires! 

Secure Your Space Now

Only 9 More Spaces Available for this empowering group coaching experience

Investment $​800USD or 3 pays of $2​67USD

There are 2 Very Limited Spaces Open for a VIP version of this which includes an additional 6 PRIVATE coaching calls throughout the program. Investment is $3000 or 2 pays of $1500. Please contact me to see if you're the perfect fit.

Tracy Gaudet

I'm Tracy, the soul alchemist.
I help empower you to step into your true, happy, expansive self. To see things from a new perspective, to embrace your own spiritual gifts and use them to enrich your business and your life.
To get to know yourself and feel that inner happiness from within that has the potential to change EVERYTHING. I focus on reading and clearing the energetic side (subconscious, past life, subtle patterns) that are keeping you feeling stuck in your life and business and get you the practical steps to move forward into your expansive, magical self.

Specific Coaching Call Details

Please note information and clarity is still coming in for these calls, which will run about 90 minutes in length, be recorded and full of unlimited magic and potential. Below is a taste of what will be involved. 

Call 1  - New Moon Intentions and Focus 

Decide on 3 focused Soul desired emotions to bring magic, success and fulfillment into your life this Summer with a guided Shamanic Journey

Lightning Coaching

Energy clearing for initial resistance

Embodying your sovereign, empowered self

Call 2- Check in, Clear, Refocus, Pivot 

Lightning Coaching

Cutting attachment and gathering power

Energy Clearing based on group coaching and emailed requests

Shamanic Journey to call in clarity, release resistance, refocus and pivot where required

Strengthening Soul Desire and Trust

Call 3 - The Big Release and Clarity

Lightning Coaching

Special Group clearing with Full Moon and Gaia

Calling down clarity and guided, coached journey into the Akashic Records for increased insights, intuition and alignment 

Call 4 - Prep for Intense New Moon 

Lightning Coaching

Group Energy Clearing

Refocus and strengthen intention

Areas to pivot

Future Self/ Highest Timeline Shamanic Journey

Call 5  - Reaffirm, Strengthen, Direction, Power & Flow

Lightning Coaching

Group Energy Clearing

Multidimensional empowerment download

Shamanic journey for strength, resolve, focus, power and next action steps

Call 6  - Empowerment and Focus Wrap

Lightning Coaching

Deep release with Full Moon and increasing clarity, insight, intuition and focus

Shamanic journey for Divinely guided action plan for moving forward in flow and grace