Ascension Alchemy Method™

Modality Training and certification

My self-created (though honestly I'm the channel that pulls it all together for the Divine) modality is called the Ascension Alchemy Method™. More than a healing modality, Ascension Alchemy Method™ is a holistic ascension acceleration tool, it takes into account multi modalities of energy healing combined with grounded personal growth to create practical transformation.

The Ascension Alchemy Method™ Modality utilizes my energy healing method 8D SHIFT HEALING™, my energy activation method GAIA CODE ACTIVATIONS™ and combines them with wisdom through the MultiDimensional Akashic Records and Practical tools to create a full picture and down to earth approach to transformative spiritual development. Assisting and accelerating the process of moving from 3D to 5D.

Training and Certification will begin in September, 2019 

Please message me on Facebook or email me to be placed on the waitlist and see if you are a good fit. 

I will be accepting 12 Soulfully aligned practitioners into this round of training. Click here for Facebook

Join me for this transformative 9 week training program with the option to complete and receive certification in Ascension Alchemy Method™ to use with your own clients. 


Law of Attraction

Rewiring the Brain

Basics and Best Practices 

Alchemy Stages

Intro to Multi Dimension Work


Multi Dimensional Akashic Records

Deeper into Multi Dimensional Work


Personal Journey of Ascension

12 Chakra Development and Anchoring

Expansion of Clairsenses




Creating Your Own Modality to Use Within the Ascension Alchemy Method™


Personal Power

The Ascended Healer

Mindset and Mindfulness


Working with Shamanic Energy

Guided Healing Facilitation

Integration to Physical

WEEKS 7 - 8 - 9

Practicing the Ascension Alchemy Method™

Working Through Personal Growth and Ascension to Expand Your Clarity and Abilities 



A new module is released in each of the first 6 weeks


Each Tuesday we have a live coaching call to go over the module of the week, work on mindset and personal growth to stand tall as the most empowered version of yourself.


Each Thursday we have a live practice call to put your skills to work. Interacting with other practitioners and getting all your questions addressed by me. 

Write to me to see if you are a good fit, Click here for Facebook

Investment for this intensive 9 week expereince and all you need for certification is $2447 USD

(6 Month Payment Plan of $444)

Including 6 Video Modules

Includes Physical and PDF Guidebook

1 Energy Healing Modality (8D SHIFT ENERGY HEALING™)

1 Energy Activation Modality (GAIA CODE ACTIVATIONS™)

Learning to read and work with the MultiDimensional Akashic Records

Learning the Complete Ascension Alchemy Method™

18 Group Coaching Calls and Practice Sessions 

*Certification once all practice requirements are complete

Please reach out to me if you are interested, you will be accepted if you an an energetic match. Click here for Facebook