Ascension Awareness Happiness alchemist free training class

Spiritual and Personal Growth in The Modern Age of Miracles

Free Training Class for you if you identify with at least one of the following: 

* mystic * intuitive * priestess * shaman *

* alchemist * witch * earth angel * energy worker *

* healer * light worker *empath *creatrix * 

Secure your seat in this training, BONUS GAIA CODE ACTIVATIONS and Guided Shamanic Journey. 

What we will be covering

I am thrilled to offer up this class, and for this round, totally free! Join me as I share ascension teachings plus bonus energy work! 

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    Accepting yourself as a powerful spiritual being
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    Regarding yourself as highly evolved and blissfully unaware 
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    The role of lightworkers and eye openers
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    Alignment to your Soul’s purpose and Soul desires
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    Your core vibrational makeup & alignment to 7 directions
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    Activations and codes: aspects of your awakening
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    Designing your reality, the joy of creativity and flow reemerges
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    Radical shifting of mindset from millennium in minutes
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    Ascension shift perspective physical restructuring
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     Waking up and reconnecting the real you (Gaia Code Activation and Guided Shamanic Journey)

Tracy Gaudet

I'm Tracy, the happiness alchemist.
I help empower you to step into your true, happy, expansive self. To see things from a new perspective, to embrace your own spiritual gifts and use them to enrich your business and your life.
To get to know yourself and feel that inner happiness from within that has the potential to change EVERYTHING. I focus on reading and clearing the energetic side (subconscious, past life, subtle patterns) that are keeping you feeling stuck in your life and business and get you the practical steps to move forward into your expansive, magical self.