Your Divine Genius

June/July 2020 

Planting foundations of Divine Genius co-creation 

Now more than ever it is the time for us to expand and express our purpose and power in a very practical way so that we can make the impact we crave.

We are all being given access to more of who we really are, more of our depth, our Soul aspects and we are being guided to anchor, embody and use these gifts now! 

In order to co-create and express from this place of Divine Genius we must set our foundations for a strong relationship within so that we can tap into this energy consistently. 

Your Divine Genius is your place of masterful creation. 

When you are creating from this mastery level you are embodying more of who you are on a Soul level and so the frequency of your expression expands.

What you create comes from a deeper sense of who you are and why you are here and helps you to create quantum leaps forward and an anchored sense of self and purpose. 

Are you feeling like you know it is time to step up?

To take things deeper and own more of your brilliance?

But you're wondering how exactly do I do that? What does that even mean for me? 

Your Divine Genius is holding the key, and we have the map to unlock it. 

How do you tap into your Divine Genius?

In working with my Divine team, The Ascension Awareness Collective, I was gifted a map of accessing and expressing your Divine Genius. 

During our 6 modules and journeys we will move through each aspect of this map so that you can spot your areas of resistance, make the connection and be a clear channel for your Divine Genius. 

Our 4 key pillars of the Divine Genius map are:

  • Self Knowing (Remember)
  • Self Acceptance (Reclaim)
  • Self Trust (Embody)
  • Self Belief (Expression)

Divine co-creation doesn't work in a linear way so this journey will be a spiral and guided/ channeled in a custom way as I tap into the collective Akashic Records for the group and work with the most beneficial energy. 

Our Divine Genius Series will take place weekly as I hold a powerful collective 12D Akashic space to explore these 4 key pillars. 

In each of our live sessions we will:

  • Focus on Divine Genius topic of week 
  • Shamanic Journey  to deepen understanding and how it applies to your life and life's work. Including energy healing, activation and anchoring
  • Action Steps to move into mastery and co-creation with your Divine Genius
  • Group Channeled Lightning Coaching as I Connect into Akashic and Ascension Blueprint Energy


  1. Weekly Video Module where I share channelled teaching on our subject of the week to begin to attune your energy to awareness of your Divine Genius
  2. Weekly Supportive Inspiration and Clarity Workbook where you ground what has come into your awareness, spot areas of resistance and ask the right questions to move you consistently closer to your Divine Genius
  3. Weekly Guided Shamanic Journey to help you tap deeply into your energetic signature and uncover how to heal and deepen your relationship with your Divine Genius
  4. Weekly Lightning Group Coaching where you have an opportunity for channelled guidance from your Akashic Field to help clarity any areas of confusion or doubt.

Who this program is for

  • You have an established intuitive / energy connection 
  • You identify as someone who is here to help with the ascension process and have been on the road of personal development for some time
  • You are ready to claim your power fully and express it! You feel a pull to your Divine Genius. 

Who this program is NOT for

  • You are a beginner with intuitive connection
  • You haven't much experience with energy work or personal development 

(If this applies and you still feel a call to work with me, my Akashic Records training might be a better fit.)

Enrolment for this is on hold for this program as it transforms into something even more powerful! 

Please note after you pay you will receive emails to your PayPal email address, to change this to another address or for any questions message me on Facebook here 

How I Teach and Mentor > The Ascension Alchemy Method™

My unique coaching method, the Ascension Alchemy Method™ balances:

 Energetic alignment (that really subtle stuff that makes a big difference) 

 + Mindset (getting the subconscious and conscious mind to agree) 

+ Practical and strategic action (also known as aligned or inspired action)

= Soul (and business!) Alignment & Expansion


We will meet weekly via Zoom - all calls will be recorded and equally as potent on the replay. 

If you are unable to attend live you may submit questions in advance. 

Each call will include:

  • Shamanic Journey
  • *Ligtning Coaching

*Lightning coaching is group coaching where you submit a question or topic in the chat box and I tap into your Akashic Records and Divine Genius to bring through guidance and healing. 

Call Times
All calls are held ​ at 9am EST/ 6am PST/ 1pm GMT/ 11pm AEDT . Recordings will be available and will be as potent as the live call. 

  • Wednesday June 17
  • Wednesday June 24
  • **Tuesday June 30**
  • **Integration Week**
  • Wednesday July 15
  • Wednesday July 22
  • Wednesday July 29

Enrolment for this is on hold for this program as it transforms into something even more powerful! 

A huge part of my purpose is helping others to awaken and anchor who they really are on a Soul level and move through resistance to fully accepting how amazing you are.

If you think you're already awake, then get ready because a new wave is available with even more of you! 

Your Divine Genius is calling and encouraging you, it is time to create form this space. 


Your Divine Genius

June/July 2020