Divine Human Reclamation Series

13 Week Journey, Healing and Activation 

We are reclaiming the Divine Human within, individually and for the collective. If you are feeling the call to take an active role in this process and anchor these light codes you're in the perfect place.

The Divine Human is about embodiment of who we really are as a species. Stewards of this Earth, multidimensional keepers of the 3rd dimension and conduits for Divine expression in physical experience. 

This journey is not about turning away from our 3D humanity but incorporating the expansive experience of the human condition and reclaiming our true Divine nature. 

Our time together will consist of:

Weekly calls for 13 weeks (on Tuesdays or Wednesdays) All will be recorded and attending live is not required to receive the full effect. Calls will run 60 - 90 minutes. 

Our first 10 calls (July 13 - September 13) will consist of channelled, guided shamanic drum journeys, anchoring, additional teaching, healing, recalibration and activation and another layer of grounding and integration. 

Our final 3 calls we will be fully integrating, discussing and working with the energies that are now a more awakened part of ourselves and humanity.  This will line up with the Equinox to provide extra support. 

This program is designed to flow with new energies as they arrive and each call will be unique and unknown until we are in it. As a glimpse into what has been anchoring in this space so far:

Reclaiming the Divine Human through the 13 shattered aspects of humanity. This is where our drum journeys come into play. 

Working with the 5 key principles for mastery of co-creation for light workers/ star seeds/ change makers in this time of transition. (nope this is not the law of attraction, we're working with a much bigger picture)

Human radiance embodiment. We will be working with the physical, mental and energy bodies to expand our vibrant nature and re-harmonize as much as is Highest and Best for you during our time together. 

If You are feeling the call and ready to join

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Investment Options (all in USD):

A) Pay in Full $2600

B) 4 Monthly Pays of $652