Practical Ascension with The Archangels 


The Archangels are here at this time to help guide you into your greatness and expansion.

  In this way they are also here to help you through your ascension process AKA moving into your flow and potential and transmuting heavy and dense energy in order to embody and express more of who you are on a Soul level. 

Join me for this powerful workshop to learn how the Archangels are working with the 5 aspects of practical ascension and how you can more deeply connect in and work with them as well. 

We will also have a super speed intro to the 15 Archangels that are coming through to share this message of practical ascension through me.

As a bonus I will also be leading you through an guided journey with the Archangels to connect into their love, support and miraculous energy and receive a message from them. 

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practical ascension

Connect to the Archangels