Circle of Initiates

Accelerated Personal Mastery 

Enrolment Now Closed

This advanced growth, clarity and alignment container is only available to those who are ready for a deep journey of spiritual and personal discovery into your power, purpose and potential. 

To get to know, accept and express yourself on a Soul level you must journey into your lessons and into your opportunities. 

Healing and integration of the shadow and understanding and expansion of the light. 

I will be holding a sacred space and taking initiates with me on an 6 month, new moon to full moon, alchemy journey of transformation and embodiment.

Stepping into and through your Soul gifts and lessons and all the chaos and beauty that it brings. 

Circle of Initiates

6 month journey

We begin our journey January 20 2020

Meeting near each New Moon for an initiate lesson and journey and to get clear on your month ahead and what you want to be held accountable for.  

Meeting near each Full Moon we expand our clarity, heal what has been coming up and amplify our power, purpose and potential. 

I'll check in via live video on weeks that we don't have calls in our private Facebook group to hold you accountable, act as a mindset reminder, and help you move through any resistance or growth coming up. 

We wrap our journey July 2020

In addition to your bi-weekly group calls initiates also receive: 

  • (2) 60 minute private deep dive sessions (use when you need additional clarity or help moving through resistance)
  • (2) 30 minute distance sessions (use when you need an energy boost or want to treat yourself) 
  • Annual Mystic Membership to Practical Ascension Portal (access to dozens of journeys, healing, courses etc.)
  • Inclusion in various healing grids throughout year (these will be as I'm guided to make the most of the energy
  • Special custom initiate care package mailed to you ($250+ value) 
  • Private tiny Facebook group for direct access to me for support and an encouraging sisterhood of initiates going through similar transformation
  • Optional In-Person 6 night retreat

Themes for 2020 

  • Money
  • Self Worth
  • Self Acceptance
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Self Love
  • Self Expression
  • Conscious Manifesting/ Co-Creation
  •  Moving into 5D
  • Sabotage Patterns 
  • Expansion and Sabotage
  • Force vs Flow
  • Business
  • Ascension 
  • Deserving/ Self Value
  • Self Mastery
  • Visibility
  • Judgement
  • Leadership
  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of Success
  • Upper Limit and Moving into Potential

6 New Moon Calls

Utilize the power of each new moon with a Circle of Initiates call

Workshop to set and ground intentions and get clarity on your next steps and focus

Clearings and activations to enhance what you are working on 

Lightning Akashic Records coaching for what you are moving through

6 Full Moon Calls

Lightning Akashic Records coaching for what you are moving through

Workshop to bring to light what you are working through now and in the next 2 weeks

Journey for Full Moon clearing & amplify including clearing and activations as they come up

Full Moon Crystal Grid Cleansing Clarity Container


As an Initiate you will get an exclusive invitation to join me for a private evening ritual and celebration. This celebration leads into my 5 night transform and restore meditation retreat in June 2020. 

Get more details on the retreat here


Investment for this container is $10,000 or 10 monthly pays of $1000 (other payment plans can be worked out) 

This container is only for those who are ready for advanced spiritual growth

Included in this mentorship is 8 moon cycles from New-Full 

If you are interested please message me or email me ( to apply. We will feel into it if you are a perfect fit. 

Enrolment now closed


Circle of Initiates

Accelerated Personal & Spiritual Growth