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Designing and Creating the Life of Your Soul Desires


Learn more about the in-person version of this workshop HERE.

This workshop is for you if you are:

  • Ready to take radical responsibility and co-create a life you truly love
  • Ready to dig in and release what is not serving you
  • Ready to accept more of who you are at a Soul level, your unique brilliance
  • Ready to co-create a life that matches your Soul desires!

Catherine Landry

The workshop was delivered flawlessly in my opinion. It was fast paced but put together with so much knowledge and love. I felt a direct connection with Tracy's energy and the tears running down my face were proof throughout the workshop. I found it the perfect reminder I needed for my life and would like more sessions! I also really appreciated the affordable price.

What this workshop is all about

Getting connected into who you are at a Soul level, into what you really want and how to create it. In my teaching I use my Law of Attraction Life Coach training, EFT tapping, guided meditations, many modalities of energy work, intuitive guidance and more to help you tap into your own emotional self-healing, intuition, who you really are. I also teach how to work with the Universe, express what you want and receive it. 


Online Workshop Now Available

During this workshop we will get clear about what you want to bring into this life, and what you want on a deep Soul level (this is where deep fulfillment and peace comes in).


To do this we will be peeling back some layers to get to your core, your gifts, your magic. We will also be discussing how to work with the law of attraction and other amazing, magical tools. 

We will be doing lots of inner reflection, and you can expect some ah-ha moments and to leave the workshop buzzing each session. 

With all the magic there is still room for science so we will have a quick peek at the science behind manifesting so your logical mind can get in on the fun too!

Pay and get immediate access to the workshop here $47 USD

If you're having issues, please message me on Facebook for assistance and to save your spot. 

Investment is $47 which includes all 3 sessions and guided meditations to support your journey. 

What Others Say


I could feel the work with Tracy begin before our call even started. Within minutes of our session I was amazed by how accurate and spot on her reading was. She used her incredible gifts to guide and heal in a way I have never experienced before! Tracy's mindful and comforting demeanor kept me feeling safe and protected while she uncovered some blocks that I *knew* existed on some level but couldn't see or move past on my own. The insights provided during my session were super helpful and assisted me in releasing fears that were holding me back. This combined with Tracy's healing gifts made a huge impact on me and the path I'm on. I'm still feeling the effects of Tracy's work days later!

Jessica Thenhaus

/Business Coordinator


Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. I came to her after wanting and not finding the love of my life for several years. I had lost my purpose and knew I had gifts to share with the world, but confused about what that looked like. I had a dream of becoming a wife and mother but despaired over this as I hadn’t found the one for me. I felt blocked, stuck, frustrated and burnt out when I came across her page on Pinterest. I had NO idea how much my life would change as a result. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. Within a few weeks of working with her I was going on dates and in less then three months I was with the man I now call my husband. Within those same months I knew I wanted to become a love coach and guide other women who were lost like me. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!

Darcy Iverson
Love Coach


I'd like to thank Tracy Gaudet! She is spectacular! Helped me during our session clear a big, big chunk of energy stuck. Since then I've felt so focused and I feel an increase in self-belief and self-worth. I recognise abundance all around me. I'm very grateful Tracy supported me with the clearing of the energy and now I'm continuing the mindset work. If you feel things could flow easier, do reach out to Tracy Gaudet! Thank you. Happy thoughts

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu
Travel & Coach