Private DNA Session 

Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method®  Private Session and Akashic Amenti Soul Reading 

Advanced DNA Ascension 

Beyond personal growth work, beyond the Akashic Records lies your true self. Your Soul DNA. Your Highest expression of self. Through the Halls of Amenti we connect to the Sacred Human, the ascended and evolved version of yourself who is ready and willing to bring clarity and mastery to you right now on your journey. 

What's included:

  • Private 1:1 Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method® (2 hour distance)
  • Private Soul Reading to go over what came up in the activation, activate more of your Soul self to your awareness and clarity on next steps (1 hour) 
  • Bonus Access to 28 Day Journey of Ascended Consciousness Embodiment to further anchor your shifts ($500 Value) 

Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method®  

This particular modality has had an amazing impact on my journey. From expansion of my soul gifts, deepening my understanding and connection to the Akashic Records - to patience in parenting and activation of life transforming synchronicities. This modality has personally enriched my spiritual journey and life greatly. 

I know firsthand how this modality not only activates your Divine DNA potential but restructures it for permanent transformation that stays with you. 

Taking the leap with this modality opens up a world of spiritual wisdom that is lying unexplored within you right now. 

Logistically these activations are completed based on what your energy and consciousness are ready for and activate/ restructure you anywhere between 12-72 strands (these are incremental upgrades so your Higher Self/ Ascension Guides will determine what you're ready for). The activation itself take me about 2 hours and is done remotely while you go about your day or rest/ meditate. It is a lot of energy so it is set up to time release in the way that is most gentle and beneficial to your growth. 

After the actual activation and restructure we will connect via zoom for your Soul DNA reading. During this call I am tapped into the Halls of Amenti and your Akashic Records to give a unique reading of your Earth life energy as well as Soul history. Whatever is highest priority to be in your awareness. During this call we go over what came up in your energy, answer questions that are coming up for you and anchor in the activation through a short guided shamanic journey. These calls are about 60 minutes. 

LIONS GATE SPECIAL! 3 Spaces Available at the Lions Gate Special Price of $944. Save $500. Please contact me right away if you are interested in this! 

Please note this is by application/ request only. 

If your energy is ready for it we can arrange payment and get you scheduled in for DNA work! or message me on Facebook or Instagram!


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SAVE $500 LIONS GATE SPECIAL! 3 spaces at $944!

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SAVE $500 LIONS GATE SPECIAL! 3 spaces (3 month payment plan $350)

These activations are by application/ request only so please reach out to see if your energy is a perfect fit! 


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I work with emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to understand more of who they are, to accept and trust themselves and express their Divine Genius, to create their master level fulfilment and impact. 

I work with the Akashic Records through the spiritual, mindset and emotional levels to Shamanically guide you to the core of who you are. As the creator of intuitive development and personal mastery systems as well as energy healing modalities, I understand the depth that it takes to access your Divine Genius and the unmistakable feeling of Soul fulfilment when you are tapped in. Let's Rise!

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