Ascension Alchemy Temple 

Give yourself time, space and frequencies 

to explore a deeper Soul truth, connection and awakening. 

Purpose and Intention of this Container 

This container is created for the light worker, change maker, way shower, star seed who feels that level of expansion calling and is ready to spiral into their next evolution.  

This is a space where you can connect more deeply with the Divine within you. 

In the base temple you will find 9 modules or rooms that contain awakening frequencies to inspire and spark you forward. 

In the second layer of the temple you will find more in depth, 9 session practices that work with energy, mindset and practical action to apply and embody these energies into your life. 

Engage with Ascension Alchemy Temple 

Choose Your Own Adventure 

  • The modules are non-linear and you are encouraged to jump in and experience them in whatever way you feel called. These frequency transmissions work in combination with your own energy, where you are right now and each other to create a unique experience. 

The Ascension Shaman Method 

If you're called to this work you will resonate with my Ascension Shaman method of delivering teachings, trainings and transmissions in a way that honours both your Divine and human aspects. The second layer trainings work with you on the energetic, mindset and practical levels to bring you into deeper embodiment of the transmissions. 

The Ascension Shaman Methods begins by creating a deeply nurturing, grounded and connected sacred space where you can unravel, clarify, heal and reveal what is pulling at you most in the moment.

This space is a a culmination of lifetimes of work and I am in deep gratitude to be able to provide such a secure, caring place for you to expand. For those who work with energy and are on the leading age of creating change, we recognize the immense value in a truly sacred space

The Ascension Shaman method delivers frequencies as they are needed in the moment. This program will always meet you where you are at. There is no one level of spiritual 'awakeness' this is created for, it is instead an invitation for all light workers who feel the call. This space will guide you into the clarity of your Soul truth with the only agenda being whatever is the Highest Good for all involved. 

Working with the Modules 

This base layer of this Temple is comprised of 9 modules that are interactive and combine to create a unique frequency code for you to uncover. They are not linear and you are invited to complete them in any series of 3 as you feel called. They were created with interlocking frequencies that will unravel and reveal unique keys to ascension for each individual participating. 

Each module includes:

Channelled Teaching Video 

Based on what has come through for the module and journey. 

Guided Energy Journey/ Transmission

These are absolutely loaded with ascension frequencies, messages from your Highest level guides, clearings, awakening, light language and even ancient sacred knowledge that will reveal itself in your DNA.

Supportive Energies

Each module will also have at least one additional supportive element. This will be unique for each module. It may be an an energy transmission, guided journey, healing, activation, guided practice or whatever channels through to more deeply support you on your journey as a light leader and change maker. 

You will have lifetime access to the program with the option to download and repeat all content as often as you feel called. 

It truly is a choose your own adventure as you are encouraged to move through the container in the direction you feel most called. Each path will instil unique insights, awakenings and results based on your current energy and what you are being invited into by spirit and your innate soul wisdom and mastery. 


The second layer of the Temple has been released. 

Ascended Co-Creation Practice. Learn more about this included resource here.

Embodied Light Leader Learn more about this included resource here. 

Harmonizing the Nervous System and Energy Body Learn more about this included resource here. 

Galactic Connection Learn more about this included resource here. 


Join and Explore The Ascension Alchemy Temple  

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 In the meantime do a happy dance and celebrate with your Divine team because you're about to expand and awaken in a whole new way! 



  • Lifetime Access to Self Study Modules
  • Lifetime Access to all Second Layer Trainings 

*Payments process through PayPal (you can also use a debit or credit card) If you are not a fan of PayPal you can reach out to me to arrange a Wise transfer. 

Hi! I'm Tracy Gaudet

 Soul Alchemist and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

I work with emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to understand more of who they are, to accept and trust themselves and express their Divine Genius, to create their master level fulfilment and impact. 

I work with the Akashic Records through the spiritual, mindset and emotional levels to Shamanically guide you to the core of who you are. As the creator of intuitive development and personal mastery systems as well as energy healing modalities, I understand the depth that it takes to access your Soul frequency and the unmistakable feeling of Soul fulfilment when you are tapped in. Let's Rise! Learn more about me and my tools here.

This container was created from a deep soul desire that I explored for more than 18 months. This soul desire was to make a greater impact on ascension to serve in a way that both aligned to my soul purpose of anchoring ascension in practical ways and created rapid transformation results - because we are in the awakening NOW and it is mission on

This soul desire manifested as a full year in full time shadow work. Getting to know the depths of the most debilitating human emotions, taking myself to the literal brink of insanity, feeling like my only option was to die and back again. I would be lying if I said this was an easy sparkly path in co-creation. It was a full on and long lasting initiation, the depths of which I couldn't understand before. Just like a mother moving through the pains of labour, this has been the most valuable journey I could have possibly engaged with and I am in gratitude and awe each and every day for this exact path that led me here. 

Knowing even at my darkest points that I was undergoing a deep soul lesson and transformation so I could know the challenges, lessons, old programs and paradigms and the shadows I would be helping others with. As I moved through the heaviest darkness I was also held, taught and honoured by the brightest light and the most clear soul awakenings I have ever encountered. I was taught on a deep level how all of our lessons, shadows and challenges are invitations to the light and I was taught how to work with that energy in completely new and innovative ways. 

This program was created for those on their spiritual path that are ready for advancement and even if it scares them to anchor into their lessons to reclaim more of their soul truth and mission. This ascension is happening wether we are ready or not, Gaia, the Earth and the cosmos are already in motion. We are in the ascension flow now. It is only up to us if we choose to accept the invitation and take the leap into the unknown and the puzzle pieces that Soul has laid out for us. 

The Rooms in the Ascension Alchemy Temple

BASE: Sphinx to reclaim your sacred, ancient knowledge 

BASE: Galactic to expand your sense of self and support

BASE: Rainbow to activate and care for your ascended energy body

BASE: Dragon to remember your abundant divine nature

BASE: Timeline to empower your reality and create magical shifts

BASE: Soul gifts to connect deeper, awaken and embody soul gifts and intuition 

BASE: 369 to master your ascended cocreation

BASE: Perspective to attune to your 5D perspective, release illusion 

BASE: Ascension to work with the earth and anchor your ascended reality

Second Layer Trainings 

This base layer of The Ascension Alchemy Temple is mainly based in energy and frequency transmissions with a sprinkling of teaching. This is to bring you into resonance and deeper exploration with each of the subjects in the rooms of the Temple. 

There are also a few rooms that have come forth with second layer training. 

This is more practical and extended aspects. Most of these are coming through in 9 sessions of workshops or journeys to practice and embody the energies. 

Currently being released (and included in your tuition) are:

Ascended Co Creation: 9 workshop style modules to anchor your into a new way to approach co creation. This is based on the 369 module. Learn more about this included program here.

Embodied Light Leader: 9 Sessions (Journeys) of advanced Akashic exploration and energy healing and activation to help align you to a deeper connection and expression of your soul self, mission and purpose. This is based on the Soul Gifts module. Learn more about this included program here.

Harmonize Your Nervous System and Energy Body: 9 workshop style session to help bring harmony to your nervous system, energy and physical body. This also includes Energetic Allergy Healing and Advanced Divine Light Tools. This is based on the Rainbow module. Learn more about this included program here. 

Galactic Connection: 9 Sessions (Journeys style) of reconnection, remembrance and healing through the Galactic Akashic Records, connecting into 8 Star Systems. This is based on the Galactic module. Learn more about this included program here.


I particularly love following you when you guide us to visit past lives or temples etc.

I feel that I have had a shift in understanding and awareness and my mind has been opened beyond what I thought was possible! It’s a shift in awareness and understanding for me, delving deeper into it all.

You are a fantastic teacher, I love your approach. Kind, genuine, approachable, down to Earth but also very inspiring and knowledgeable! Thank you so much! I’ve loved delving into the Akashic world with you. It has been amazing. Truly grateful!

Lucy Parnaby

Soul Coach, Mystic & Water Priestess


It’s the most content filled and supportive course I’ve ever taken. There was no extra fluff, just exactly what was needed and you went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood everything that was taught and kept everyone engaged.

The video modules are straightforward and to the point and full of information and I love the healings. 

I’m reconnecting to my intuition again and to my soul purpose as a healer.

Kate Karpen

Psychic Healer and Mentor

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