Your Expansive and 
Aligned Path Forward

5 Day Challenge to Spark Your Potential, Power and Purpose 

Are you done waiting?

Ready to feel expansive and aligned now? 

Are you ready to throw down your resistance?

Ready to get your sense of purpose and direction back?

Are you ready to dedicate yourself to your power, purpose and potential and step up as the empowered, clear and focused lightworker you KNOW you are? 

Join me for 5 days of sparking a reconnection with who you really are, getting clarity on the bigger picture and next steps and empowering yourself to expand into your aligned path forward. 

Complete with energy healing and activations, guided journeys and intuitive insight to guide you back to you purpose, power and potential.


Access to this challenge expired on Dec 1 2018

Hey! I'm Tracy Gaudet, the Soul Alchemist. I am a game changer for lightworker entrepreneurs who are ready to claim and embody more of who they are on a Soul level and step into their power, purpose and potential. I combine my training and gifts in mindset coaching, energy healing and intuitive/ Akashic Record reading to guide you directly into your Highest level timeline and create the impact you came here to make! Zip over to to learn more about me and how I can help you. 

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If you're ready to spark your power, potential and purpose join in the 5 day challenge to your expansive and aligned path forward with Tracy Gaudet @inspireplanning 

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