Galactic Reconnection

Activation and Healing Journey Series 


Purpose and Intention of This Container

The guides and energies that have come through for this program are overflowing with expansive love and support for humanity. In my role as ascension wayshower I am guided to activate and bridge the connection between everyday consciousness and expanded Divine potential and wisdom.

In this series we will focus strongly on:


We are waking up to the wisdom of the vastness of who we really are on a soul level. Many of us can feel a resonate calling with Galactic frequencies.

Maybe you feel drawn to a particular star system or Galactic frequencies in general? 

You may resonate with the term starseed or just feel this soul connection without any particular label. 

In this container and journey series we will work with 8 star systems that have come forward at this time for reconnection. 


Journey Style Session 

During each of our journey style sessions we will connect with one of the 8 Galactic frequencies included in our focus.

RECONNECTION - Our first step is to connect into the focus star systems frequency and allow your own discernment to notice what it brings up for you. If it feels like a soul connection, if you notice sensations in your physical and emotional body that point the way to a soul connection. 

REMEMBRANCE - We then journey deeper into the energies as we connect to your Multidimensional Akashic Records and activate dormant Soul memories that are beneficial to engage with again at this time. 

HEALING - Just like in past life, ancestral or inner child healing our Galactic incarnations sometimes carry karmic energies that we are invited to resolve. We will open this space for deep healing, and bring this healing into our physical, mental and emotional bodies as well. Many who resonate with these frequencies feel they are extra sensitive and this healing journey can help to bring clarity to your experience.

ACTIVATION - Finally we bring in (usually light language guided) activation frequencies that help to wake up the harmonious connection, Soul truth and a deeper connection with the star system in whatever way is Highest and best for what we are currently moving through.

Session Focus 

  • Introduction Workshop. Collaboration with Galactic frequencies, how to work with this energy. Opening the portal to deeper connection. 
  • Arcturian Connection, DNA, Ancestral & Ascension. 
  • Andromedan Connection, Physical Body Heal & Balance.
  • Sirius Connection. Abundant Exploration and Remembrance.
  • Lyran Connection, Auric Field and Energy Activation.
  • Pleiadian Connection, Energy Align, Remember Who You Are.
  •  Orion Connection, Karmic Energy, Ascension Guidance.
  • Centaurus. Unconditional Love and Forgiveness, Liberation. 
  • Epsilon Eridani. Creativity, Peace, Oneness. 

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