Harmonize Your Nervous System and Energy Body

9 Session Workshop & Energy Healing Series 

Purpose and Intention of this Container

In this series we will rebalance the nervous system and energy field and work with Energetic Allergy Healing and Divine Light Tools to bring the physical body into a deeper state of harmony. 

The more harmony and balance we can bring to the nervous system and energy body the more optimally we function on all levels. 

When we are in a harmonious state we allow our bodies to self heal, we open to our Soul desires and have the capacity to allow expansion into our potential.

9 Workshop Style Sessions & Advanced Energy Care

9 Workshop Style Sessions - these sessions are delivered workshop style as a slideshow with energy transmission.

With this you get info for your mental energy and activation for your energy and DNA

9 EAH Recordings - these include the Energetic Allergy Healing Modality, as well as Advanced Light Tools and a mix of my own modalities to work with you on a physical-energetic level. 

Themes & Focus 

Some of the content we will be focused on throughout our time together includes:

  • Deepen your intuitive connection to your body, your discernment and your clairsentience 
  • Nervous system healing and rebalancing 
  • Energy system healing and rebalancing 
  • Connecting to your abundance of peace and vitality within 
  • Supporting your physical body as it rebalances


This program is provides a structure so that you are focused weekly and developing your own practice to:

  • Intuitively connect to your innate body wisdom
  • Heal and restore your nervous system
  • Heal and support your energy body
  • Consistently deliver beneficial frequencies to help re-harmonize your system 
  • Get to the energetic root cause of your disharmony

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