to the Multidimensional 

Akashic Records

Live Training! Get your free intro to the Multidimensional Akashic Records and begin your journey into ascended intuition and healing now. 

You have never experienced the Akashic Records like this before! 

Join me live (or get the recording) of this empowering free training where we will cover:

  • What the Multidimensional Akashic Records 
  • Your natural evolution and expansion into your Soul gifts 
  • What you can do and understand while in the Records
  • My foolproof method of energy, mindset and practical action
  • How to know if you are ready to start or develop your relationship with the Akashic Records

PLUS Bonus energy work and Akashic Records demo! 

TRaining Date:

thursday september 5

Training Time:

10:00am EST (3pm BST)

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Webinar Host:

Tracy Gaudet

Soul Alchemist and Multidimensional Akashic Records Teacher

Thank you so much for this experience. It’s been life changing for me.

The Akashic Records have opened up a powerful connection to my guides, my purpose and my highest self. I feel incredibly aligned, loved and supported.

Claudia Guy  //  Dinner is Served

Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!!

Akashic Records kept popping up in my life and I felt like they were calling to me so I took the leap. I'm more observant of my energy, I feel better connected to my intuition, and gratitude has been flowing freely!

Danielle Keane  //  Energy Worker

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