level 2 - spiritual strategy + client attraction

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Learn how to attract a stream of dream clients and flow in your business without burning out your energy. 

An opportunity to incorporate your powerful intuitive abilities to create a strategy that  connects you to your clients on a deeper level.

I'd like to give a shoutout to someone wonderful today - Tracy Gaudet. For those of you who don't know her, she is a woman of many Divine talents. She is a healer, a psychic, a technical genius (but of course she's way more than the sum of those 3 attributes.) She can take your ideas and visions and design them just perfectly, setting up things so they run effortless for you behind the scenes, leaving you to get on with the important work that you do. 

Nichola Sherlock

Learn the tactics I use to flow in my business, avoid overwhelm and line myself up to dream clients.

What's Included:

Weekly (no fluff!) value packed teaching video 

Clearing and healing of past lives, programs + beliefs causing resistance (worth the cost of the course alone!)

Guided meditation to connect you with powerful clarity and directions

Weekly workbook to advance your growth

Plus action sheets and daily practice to implement your spiritual strategy

spiritual journey course
spiritual journey course

The little known thing about client attraction in spiritual business is that it is ever evolving and quick moving! This means that developing a self-reliance and understanding of how to flow with the energy of your business is the most valuable asset. 

This changes everything.

This means that about 75% of your efforts will come from energy alignment and intention and 25% from strategic guided action. Use this course as a jumping off point to line yourself up with each of these aspects. 

aligned spiritual business


Investment $797 (USD) or 6 Bi-Weekly Payments of $135

Step further into your own flow and learn to create amazing business alchemy through your Divine connection and guided actions. 

I had an absolutely incredible experience with Tracy’s course. She is so intuitive, empowering, on target and gets right to the heart of the matter. Her course helped me move past blocks I wasn’t even aware I had, taught me skills that will benefit me long past the life of the course and how to work in conjunction with the Universe. She’s so worth every penny and I cannot wait for her next course!

Darcy Iverson
Love Coach


Investment $797 (USD) or 6 Bi-Weekly Payments of $135


  • Weekly energy healing (past life and limiting beliefs) blocking you from your best business. (Hell yes!)
  • Weekly to-the-point teaching videos. I know you've got other sh*t to do so let's get to it!
  • Workbooks for getting cozy with your intuitive strategy
  • Guided meditations to bring clarity and connect you to your ideal client 

Some of the topics we'll be covering and implementing:

  • Opt-ins, funnels, email marketing
  • Strategy, visibility and working 'in the flow'
  • Passive income preparation and alignment
  • Client, money and aligned business attraction

Get in on this!


Investment $797 (USD) or 6 Bi-Weekly Payments of $135

It's like there is a mountain between where you are now and where you want to be in business. You can choose to chisel your way through it putting in enormous effort OR you can choose to flow around it. Learning to roll with the waves to get to your destination by having fun and being in tune. 

This course is for you if

  • You're in-tune with your intuition 
  • You have a spiritual business but want to step it up, and FOCUS
  • You are ready to take action outside of your comfort zone to make your desires a reality
  • You already have a tribe and client base and want to expand 
  • You're ready to step into your role as a leader

What we will be covering

Week 1 

Energetic Connection to Dream Client 

Working with your sabotages

Energetic attraction to business success

Week 3 

Creating  Your Spiritual Strategy 

Developing your Spiritual business practice

Week 5

 Executing Your Spiritual Strategy 

Understanding when shifts need to be made and how to allow them

Week 2

Working with and trusting  your energy cycles

Increase your connection to your purpose and path

Increase your energetic attraction to money

Week 4

Increase your visibility

Intuitive marketing strategy

Week 6

Prepping for passive income 

Creating aligned structures in your business (like funnels)


Investment $797 (USD) or 6 Bi-Weekly Payments of $135

spiritual journey course

Hey I'm Tracy,

The Online Business Alchemist.My gifts are of balance. Balancing the tech, strategic and practical side (with my years of online business management experience) with the energetic/ mindset side.I work with your energy, the Soul of your business and your dream client through the Akashic Records and 8th Dimension to help you connect with your inner brilliance, uncover and remove the root cause of resistance and level up to the leader you KNOW you are.

You've totally got this!

Join me for Level 2 Intuitive Business Alchemy to get real with your business, and create a flexible strategy that lines you up in the flow. 

If you are an intuitive beginners, please check out this free workshop to get your basics on the go. A prerequisite to this course is to either be in touch with your intuition/ psychic side or take intuitive business alchemy to get your foundations set.