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Mercury Retrograde Ascension Kit  

Mercury is Bringing it This Month!

This cosmic superstar is at it again, helping us to step more deeply into who we are and what we came here to express. 

Mercury is asking us to dive deeply into our sense of self and where we are cutting ourselves off from stepping forward on our purpose. 

Our job with this Retrograde is to assimilate, ground and integrate the ascension energies into our bodies, the Earth and into our daily lives through shifting and rising up.

Mercury is asking us to dive deeply into our sense of self and where we are cutting ourselves off from stepping forward on our purpose. 

This can create feelings in you ranging from confusion, fear, depression, elation, bliss, clarity, joy and a can't-quite-put-my-finger-on-it-but-I'm-excited sensation. 

What's Included in the Mercury Retrograde Ascension Kit

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    Guided Shamanic Journey to Release, Activate and Accept the Messages of Mercury
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    Deep Grounding Meditation and Activation
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    Gaia Code Activation Base Set (more on the Gaia Code Activations below)
  •   Gaia Code Activation Expand & Align Set
  • Clairaudience Activation and Expansion for Clarity

Like everything I offer this kit works with practical spirituality and mindfulness to bring clarity, self acceptance, empowerment and action. 

Make the Most of This Retrograde

by leaning in to and working with the cosmic energies we make the most of this fertile and supportive time. 

Investment for this Mercury Retrograde Ascension Kit is $77 

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Gaia Code Activations Included in these Sets:

Expansive & Aligned Set

Rose Gold. This activation expands your awareness of your Divinity and connection to golden consciousness. This helps to lift up and match your vibration to the 5th dimension.

Cup of Creation. This activation ensures that you are a steady flow of creative ideas and energy to see them through. This activation takes full effect as you are nourished from within. It also helps to connect you to your sense of purpose so you know which ideas are highest and best to follow through on.

Acceleration. This activation increases your awareness of time limitations in a loving way. Helping to prevent procrastination and increase focus and flow.

Creativity Connection. This activations helps to sooth your worries and fears about visibility and hesitation to create your hearts desire. It activates an inner knowing that you are headed in the right direction and expands your power to create.

Follow to Flow. This activation helps to increase clair abilities and increases the volume and clarity of what is coming through to you so that you may flow more smoothly in your purpose, potential and passion.

Follow to Align. This activation increases synchronicity that are leaving bread crumbs for you to follow to step more into your power and step up your leadership role. This helps to evolve your message and create a clarity about opportunities. This also helps to align you to your best path forward (path of least resistance)

Soaring Potential. This activation aligns you to your highest potential timeline. Helps to collapse timelines that are not in your highest interest and helps with the process of quantum jumping or manifesting. This increases the potency of your manifesting abilities so with this activation a daily practice of focusing on what you want to bring into your life is recommended.

Base Set

Agility Waves. Helps with required transmutation to cleanse, heal and release old energy/ programs in order to replace with new codes of Golden consciousness. Helps smallest cellular level to engage in the flow of transmutation and welcome in the new.

Gaia Unity Consciousness. Expands awareness and appreciation of interconnection of nature and humans. Transforms this awareness with love into personal power and momentum. Aligned actions to incorporate and expand unity within and with out.

 Respecting Conservation Requirements. Expands emotional value of time off, boundaries, balance and transmutes burn out. Alignment of Soul pace and accountability to purpose, potential through self-respect.

Awareness of Divine Access. Communication and co-operation with nature realms. Puts your chief Golden consciousness nature spirits into your awareness and helps to harness your earth magick abilities. Aligns your heart and desires to that of Gaia's.

Curation of Desired Outcome Energy. A manifesting booster! Cultivate the energy on your desired outcome on the most intricate yet broad level. This helps to magnetize your highest vibration desires and activates your action center to move towards fulfillment and joy.

Yin-Yang Balanced Motivation. Motivates you to take action on desires and transmutes resistance while activating visions of your potential. Aids in development of dreams and desired outcomes from sustainable energetic standpoint.

Girl on Fire. This adorable activation is led by a powerful Earth angel to transmute doubts, activate potential, joy, laughter and fun while taking action on desires. Moving forward with balanced masculine and feminine flow.

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Mercury Retrograde Ascension Kit