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If you are an action-taker. An entrepreneur on fire. Kicking ass and raising vibes - but not without the usual struggle of overwhelm and wanting to make the most of your time online.

You want to leverage your time. You want to create a piece of business that spreads your message, that helps larger numbers of people and that make you money and allows you to feel great in the process.

This may be something you've been toying with for a while. How do I create something that is perfectly in integrity with my gifts but that doesn't knock me on my ass with confusion as I try to get it all created, set up and marketed?

YOU are exactly why I've created this intensive program. YOU are exactly my reason for pushing past my own comfort zone to deliver this.

I hold your hand throughout the process of creating, helping you to know down energetic resistance, step over mindset hurdles and focus on the creation before I walk you through the tech side.

Each package is totally custom, based on how fast you want to accomplish your project, how much time you can devote to it, and how much marketing you need to ramp up to get to where you want to be with passive income.

We connect, work on energy, strategy, creation, clarity, messaging, tech steps, WHATEVER it is you need to get on with it.

So, if you're feeling the desire to impact MORE. To find your voice online. To re-ignite your passion and focus, schedule in your complimentary assessment call below for a quote and a game plan on how to move forward and sparkle up this mother!

I'd like to thank Tracy Gaudet! She is spectacular! Helped me during our session clear a big, big chunk of energy stuck. Since then I've felt so focused and I feel an increase in self-belief and self-worth. I recognise abundance all around me. I'm very grateful Tracy supported me with the clearing of the energy and now I'm continuing the mindset work. If you feel things could flow easier, do reach out to Tracy Gaudet! Thank you. Happy thoughts

Anca Stefania Iorgulescu
Travel and Coach

In this structured 12 week program we flow through:

  • Creative & strategic development, alignment and logistics for your course or membership program
  • Aligned opt-in creation and set up
  • Strategy and clarity on message
  • Creation of content and alignment to dream client
  • Launch Strategy and ongoing marketing strategy
  • Aligned Funnel creation for ongoing passive income
  • Tech and logistical aspects of setting everything ​up smoothly

You've totally got this

Ladies y'all need to jump in and join this program! After just a few weeks of working with Tracy I've got so much more connected with my intuition and it's making what was frustrating me in my business flow so much easier!

Lynn Doak
Holistic Fertility Coach

So here's the deal. Creating an online course or membership site sounds like a fabulous plan to get some passive income going, to leverage your time and to serve a larger audience as you step into your role as a leader. 

Apps and technology make it pretty easy to accomplish with the right know how. Your own creative genius means that there is no shortage of material to deliver. So what is the hold up? 

Beyond the surface of 'just doing it' there lies all kinds of intricate energetic patterns and emotions that dictate how easy this task will be. While the logistics are simple as is the marketing - things can get so tangled up because of all the moving parts. 

You're telling me it's so simple - then why do I need your help to get it done?

What I've found time and time again is amazing spiritual business owners who want to step up. Who want to serve their audience. Who want to expand, make passive income and create MORE. But just can't quite make it happen.

In this intensive program we start the energetic core of what you want to create, aligning your energy to actually receiving 'easy' and consistent money.

We align your mindset to understand and express the value in what you create. 

We align your creativity to balance out the work with play and allow for joyful expression.

You get the freedom to create from a place of love and service that feeds the Soul of your business. You focus solely on this.

Then we get to the logistics, where my years as an online business manager comes into play to guide you to create the perfect technical system for your needs - yes I hold your hand through this. Nope - it's not scary or overwhelming, it's one step at a time. 

From there, as things are starting to take shape we dive into the marketing, from an aligned opt-in to a funnel (this is serious passive income alchemy!) and an ongoing marketing strategy that feels great to implement. 

This entire time we are keeping a close eye on your energy. Resistance and blocks are bound to get stirred up by stepping up to this level in your business, and we are at the ready to whisk away doubts, fears and excuses and replace them with confidence,  trust and abundance. 

Together we have totally got this. 

If you feel it's your time to expand into passive income book in a connection call now for your custom quote and action plan. 

Investment starts at $2800 for a 12 week one on one program. Pay plans available. 

3 Beta Spaces Available


First 3 people to sign up get in for $2300 (or 4 payments of $600)

Contact me ASAP to reserve your spot or schedule a connection call below.

About Tracy

Hey! I'm Tracy, the Online Business Alchemist. My gifts are of balance. Balancing the tech, strategic and practical side (with my years of online business management experience) with the energetic side. I work with your energy, the Soul of your business and your dream client through the Akashic Records and 8th Dimension to help you connect with your inner brilliance, uncover and remove the root cause of resistance and level up to the leader you KNOW you are. 

You've totally got this.