practical ascension

Practical Ascension 

Business Acceleration


I remember that gut-wrenching feeling of dread and confusion that would come from questioning my purpose and direction because my business is not where I imagined it would 'be by this point'

I know this heartbreak well. 

I remember walking around my house in the dark of night because I couldn't grasp what was being asked of me.

"If this is my purpose and my role then why are things not moving more smoothly? Is it time to give it all up and admit I don't have what it takes?"


During these times I couldn't even feel the Divine support because I was vibrating at a level where all I could feel was the problem not the solution.

Finally my Divine guidance broke through and I was given instruction on exactly how to end this cycle of:

intuitive clarity > action > disappointing results > doubt and depression > repeat

It was time for me to break the cycle once and for all. 

It was time for no-excuse empowerment, to own my brilliance!

It was time to start receiving, allowing sales to be easy and magnetizing my Soul clients

It was time for business acceleration and a clarity that went so high and so deep there was no room for confusion or doubt no matter the current circumstance. It was time for me to start implementing my Ascension Alchemy Method™

Now it is YOUR time, find out how below

When your business is directly connected to your purpose work things can feel complicated. 

Visibility can feel paralyzing. Moving forward can feel like slogging through the mud. Clarity can feel elusive and fleeting. 

This is because you have such a strong emotional connection to your business. That same passion is here to drive you to success and fulfillment.

My Ascension Alchemy Method™ helps to connect you the brilliance within, understand it and express it. 

Use that spiritually-led passion to propel yourself forward with flow and ease. 

Clarity so you know your priority to focus on right now to move you into business flow.

Balance of energy, mindset and practical action so all the forces work in your favor.

High Vibration Support including energy healings, activations, mindset exercises and strategic coaching so that you can anchor your business flow and keep the growth going all year and beyond. My Ascension Alchemy Method™ will set the stage for your amazing expansion. 

Flowing Strategy so you have a plan to move forward that is adaptable to changing ascension energies.

Focus of one thing at a time to dissolve overwhelm and replace it with progress and accomplishment.

The Practical Ascension Business Accelerator 

A 60 day group business mentorship for women who are so fu%king ready to go all in with their purpose and business.

ONLY if you can feel this call. Can you feel it?

ONLY if you are ready to be called out on your resistance and ready to take ownership and action to show your commitment.

ONLY if you are ready to permanently end the cycle of confusion and open the timeline of clarity and confidence. 

The Practical Ascension Business Accelerator Begins  January 14 2020

Are you with me? Limited spaces enrolment will close once spots fill up.

 Investment for this program is $1497USD

Includes BONUS access to Akashic Records for Business ($497 Value full details here)  

Please note after you pay you will receive emails to your PayPal email address, to change this to another address or for any questions message me on Facebook here or email 

Previous experience with the Akashic Records is not required to take part in this business accelerator. An openness to connect to and trust your intuition is required. 

How I Teach and Mentor > The Ascension Alchemy Method™

My unique training method, the Ascension Alchemy Method™ balances:

 Energetic alignment (that really subtle stuff that makes a big difference) 


 Mindset (getting the subconscious and conscious mind to agree)


Practical and strategic action (also known as aligned or inspired action)

= Soul (and business!) Alignment & Expansion


We will meet weekly via Zoom - all calls will be recorded

I will be doing lightning coaching as questions come up and you get clear about your energy, mindset and action priorities 

There will also be a hot seat each call where 1 person will receive deeper Akashic Records coaching that will benefit the group

If you are unable to attend live you may submit questions in advance

Call Times

All calls are held at the same time each Tuesday 1pm EST/ 10am PST/ 6pm GMT/ 5am AEDT

  1. Tuesday January 14th 
  2. Tuesday January 21st 
  3. Tuesday January 28th 
  4. Tuesday February 4th 
  5. Tuesday February 11th 
  6. Tuesday February 18th 
  7. Tuesday February 25th
  8. Tuesday March 3rd 1pm
  9. Tuesday March 10th 1pm

practical ascension

Practical Ascension 

Business Acceleration