Community Gifts

In this ever evolving space you'll find current gifts I've created for my Practical Ascension community. 


With Gratitude,


Galactic Resonance Sample Session.

Connect with 10 unique star system to see what you resonate with, and what awakens within you. 

Learn more about the 9 session journey, healing and activation series Galactic Connection here.

Support Your Heart and Nervous System to Create a Base for Shifts in Your Life 

View or download the workbook here and listen to or download the meditation below. 

Try it for 3 - 7 days in a row and experiment with what flows for you. 

Practical Ascension Archives Training

Intuition Masterclass 3 session series.

This is a longer training with 3 sessions, each about an hour long. Get access to this training on my Thinkific site here

I would call this an intermediate intuition course. You have a little experience or know that you are intuitive but also know you can connect more deeply to this gift and are so ready for that.

If you feel called to work with me deeper visit my work with me page or reach out to me via email and let me know so we can work out the next steps.

Also if there is something you'd love for me to create, reach out!