soul embodiment



Ascension is

Ascension is the journey of coming back to who you truly are at a Soul level. 

Ascension is allowing ease in your life, tapping into your potential and expressing your Soul. 

Ascension is moving through heavy energies and emotions to get to the love and wisdom within the pain.

Ascension is self knowing, acceptance, trust and joy, your connection to the Divinity within you


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Who this is designed for

  • Intuitive or experience with Akashic Records or energy healing or similar. Shamanic journeys and personal mastery are key on this journey. 
  • At least 2 years on the spiritual path/ consciousness or personal growth.
  • Ready to and excited to commit to yourself and invest fully in your journey.
  • Feeling called to leap into the unknown and claim your Soul mastery more deeply. 

Transformation & Alchemy

When you ascend you are transforming on a cellular level, you are re-calibrating who you are as someone with limits and struggles into who you truly are as an expression of the Divine. This is an experience that will effect your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical body. 

Because ascension is such a multilayered and unique experience all of our cues are taken from your Highest guides to harmonize you into your Divine embodiment. 


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What to expect 


  • Session 1: 60 Minute private  Akashic session to map out your ascension plan and create your Soul vision. 
  • Session 2: 60 Minute private Akashic Session to anchor vision, identify limitation patterns and get tools in place.  
  • Session 3: Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method® Session (as guided) 2 hour distance and 60 Minute Soul Reading and Journey
  • Email/ message access for support between sessions 


  • 3 Sessions monthly. Expect a combination based on your needs and what your guides are calling for. This is flexible support. 
  • Session type 1: Akashic/ Amenti Private Sessions. I am tapped into your Divine blueprint  for accelerated growth. 
  • Session type 2: Akashic/ Amenti Group Sessions. Connecting with up to 2 more Souls for maximum collaborative benefits. 
  • Session type 3: DNA Activation and Restructure. As guided. There will be 1-3 based on your integration and needs. 



Let me know you're interested in my private mentorship. If we feel like a good fit we'll move forward from there. 

Investment for this 5 month experience is 6 monthly pays of $2100

Private Mentorship