Rebalance 2023

Release the last 3 years and rebalance. 

As we enter 2023, we shift into a 7 Universal year. A year of spiritual connection, going within and working with the dark, the unknown and the shadows and light that are within. 

We will be invited this year into the depths of who we really are. This means that the bottom is getting stirred up. This gives you an opportunity to look directly at what is deep within you and the collective of humanity.

This invitation can lead you into beautiful depths of who you are and why you are here, creating massive inspiration and expansion. Yet it will also bring up dense and challenging emotions and aspects of yourself so you are able to integrate those parts, allowing yourself to be even more embodied and empowered.

Ascension energies are still intensifying this year, and yes this means even more drama unfolds for the collective as we are guided into evolution. This means that as sensitives it is our responsibility to find our balance and learn how to continue returning to center, to our truth and empowerment. 


Get access to these tools to help you let go of the trauma of the past 3 years (2020 - 2022) and remember who you really are. 

  • Shamanic EFT Workshop to Work With Wounded Aspects of Self 
  • 2 Sessions of Energetic Allergy Healing, and Divine Light Tools/ Energy Healing to Release Trauma from 2020 - 2022
  • Anxiety and Ascension Audio Training 
  • Covid Healing and Covid Vaccine Trauma Release
  • Depression and Ascension Audio Training

 All focused on the perspective of ascension/ awakening and created for light workers and light leaders based on current energies

Hi! I'm Tracy Gaudet

 Soul Alchemist and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

I work with emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to understand more of who they are, to accept and trust themselves and express their Divine Genius, to create their master level fulfilment and impact. 

I work with the Akashic Records through the spiritual, mindset and emotional levels to Shamanically guide you to the core of who you are. As the creator of intuitive development and personal mastery systems as well as energy healing modalities, I understand the depth that it takes to access your Soul frequency and the unmistakable feeling of Soul fulfilment when you are tapped in. Let's Rise! Learn more about me and my tools here.

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