Ascension Alchemy Method™️

Transform & RestorE

Women's Meditation Retreat 


Surround yourself in nourishing PEI nature, deep meditation and personal transformation that your Soul has been calling for.  

Spiritual clarity through guided journeys, rituals and workshops to understand your journey and what is possible for you.

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Ascension Alchemy Method™ is my unique approach to guiding you into your potential, your power, into your true soul-level self. We will embody the Ascension Alchemy Method™ throughout this retreat by focusing on energy, mindset and practical action to come to a place of clarity and peace.


Take part in a powerfully guided rituals, activities and self care to guide you into a state of deep transformation. We dive into the shadows to bring the light, let go of heaviness and embody our Divine essence. 


With deep Soul work also comes integration, re-calibration and grounding in order to fully embody and let the transformation 'stick'. Your restoration is just as important as your transformation and this retreat will provide you with every opportunity to restore yourself on all levels.

Exact Schedule will be released in the Spring. Below is a list of activities/ integrations I am called to offer (all optional) to support you at this retreat.  Those with a * are subject to change slightly as I collaborate with other powerful Souls:

  • Summer Solstice and New Moon Celebration
  • Yoga*
  • Creating Energy Elixirs
  •  Shadow Journey/ Healing
  • Shamanic Fire Ceremony
  • Sound Healing Journey* 
  • Dreamwork
  • Excursion to Cavendish*
  • Workshop Clarity for Expanding into Potential, Power and Expression with Energy, Mindset and Practical Action*
  • 2x Daily Meditation Practice
  • Soul Driven Journal Prompts and Sacred Space to Connect Within
  • Deep Ancestral Healing of Karmic Patterns 
  • Nature and Beach Walks

Something really magical happens when we take action for our highest good, we are met with even more support and opportunity from the Universe. 

Kind of like a nod saying "I see you over there, cutting down excuses, stepping into your power and creating a life that beyond what you could have even imagined. Let me give you a hand" 

When we carry through on the momentum of that action by recognizing and accepting the support and signs sent out way the whole thing really takes on a life of its own, synchronicities become common and you start to really get what it means to be supported by the Universe. 

When we take action, get out of our normal routines and commit to our own transformation it's like a triple signal out to the Universe. 

I'm inviting you to a game changing magical in person event.

This is not for everyone, not for those who are not sure if they want to take responsibility for themselves or not open to actual magic and being blow away by the power of connecting to yourself. 

This invitation is for you if you are:
(Women only for this event)

  • Ready to transform and restore on a deep level
  • Ready to be surrounded by a supportive sisterhood, but also have plenty of alone time to process
  • Ready for the power an in person retreat brings. When you leave your normal routine you are more likely to develop and keep new habits and integrate transformation.
  • Open to go deeply into your energy to self heal and gain wisdom
  • Open to some new experiences and some deep grounding work for integration
    Love to nourish your body with food and care

What is Included:

  • 5 Nights Shared Accommodation 
  • 3 Meals Daily at Retreat Center Plus Snacks, Coffee, Tea Etc. 
  • Optional Excursion to Cavendish
  • All Activities/ Energy Healings at Retreat
  •  Self-Care Tools to Deepen the Integration
  • Customized Retreat Gift

What is NOT Included:

  • Flights and any other transport to get to the retreat
    (Our Retreat Center is a 75 minute drive from the Charlottetown Airport and we will help you to arrange/ share transport based on flight times) 
  • Food when you are not at the retreat center or anything specific you may want to drink/ eat other than what is included

Retreat Location:

Since I was a child I have experienced the unique, calming, magical energy of Prince Edward Island. The beaches and the woods have been the most inspiring places - so naturally I chose an incredible retreat location that combines both the beach and the woods. 

Our retreat is located on a private 10 acre property in the woods AND on the beach. There is so much to explore here, and so much space that you can allow yourself the integration and alone time you need during your spiritual transformation and respite. 

Realign to who you are, gain clarity on your next steps forward and vision for the rest of the year. Fully nourish and replenish your body, mind and Soul.


5 Nights accommodations

All food at retreat center

All activities (see above)

$3200 USD/ Payment Plans Available

Message me on Facebook here or email with any questions.

Important Dates

Tuesday June 22 -  Arrival and Checkin After 1pm

Sunday June 27 - Depart and Checkout by 11am

Tracy Gaudet is an Akashic Records teacher, Soul Alchemist and the creator of the Ascension Alchemy Method™.

She works with powerful lightworkers and sp​​​iritual business owners through the ascension process, to help accelerate them into more of their potential and Soul level gifts.

Tracy uses her combined training and intuitive connection to work in the Multidimensional Akashic Records, through guided journeys, energy healing and activations to help expand you into greater possibilities and the next level that is open and available to you now.

Tracy works with a combination of energy, mindset and practical action to create Soul Alignment and Expansion. 

FAQ + Details

Cancellation Policy: If you need to cancel before April 1 2021 you will get a refund minus a $500 deposit fee. After April 1 refunds (minus $500 deposit) are not available. If you are unable to make the trip you may transfer paid amount (minus the $500 deposit) you have paid for the retreat towards one of my other group offers. I recommend travel insurance so you are covered and so your flight is covered as well. Travel insurance will be your responsibility to look after.  

Can I choose my roommate? For sure, just message me and I will do my best to accommodate all requests. 

What type of food will be provided? It will vary but leaning toward vegetarian, healthy and nourishing foods pf course with some comfort foods too! If you have dietary restrictions or allergies of any kind please let me know as soon as possible. 

What is included/ excluded: See the list on the page above

Can I pay in instalments: Absolutely.

Is there wifi at the retreat? Yes, but full disclosure it is quite weak and is definitely not suitable for streaming. 

Tentative Schedule, everything is optional and allows for lots of free time for your own reflection and integration. (subject to change according to weather, energy etc.)

*Monday June 21 Circle of Initiates Arrival after 2pm. Please note this is not available as a part of the retreat for any other participants. 

Tuesday June 22:  Morning: Meditation and private Initiates only workshop Afternoon: Arrivals begin at 1pm. Orientation. Evening: Welcome dinner and Solstice/ New Moon ritual.

Wednesday June 23: Morning: Morning meditation/ shadow journey for self acceptance. Yoga practice. Afternoon: Exploring land and deep connection to the Earth. Evening: Ascended Self Activation and fire ceremony. 

Thursday June 24: Morning: Morning meditation and EFT tapping workshop. Afternoon: Dreamwork workshop, Magical Elixir workshop. Evening: Ancestral healing/ fire ceremony. 

Friday June 25: Morning: Early meditation and dreamwork journalling. Optional excursion to Cavendish (must register in advance) or free time/ silent meditation. Evening: Meditation and Sound healing. 

Saturday June 26: Morning: Meditation, Workshop Clarity for Expanding into Potential, Power and Expression with Energy, Mindset and Practical Action. Evening: Celebration wrap up dinner. 

Sunday June 27: Departures by 11am. 

5 Soul and Body Nourishing Nights

 June 22 - 27  2020

 Prince Edward Island, Canada