(please note the format of this class is shifting, stay tuned!)

A 3 part journey from self-doubt to empowerment.

Understand and use your self-doubt to your advantage to transform your perspective and step into your purpose, power and Divine grace. 

This intense course is for you if you are ready to break down and dissolve the old program of doubt and shift the power back to who you truly are. 

Alignment to your true self. Alignment to Soul. Alignment to Source. 

This self doubt workshop is all about worth and doubt and the not seeing the gold within. These themes play a big role in spirituality and business for me and come up as feeling lost, not sure on exactly your purpose, gifts or potential and getting thrown when things shift, feeling like it is somehow your fault, or that you are lacking in some way.

It's time to shift the conversation

Your inner dialog is hugely, hugely important. Through energy work, mindset shifts, inner reflection and perspective shifts we will work to adjust your inner voice as it relates to doubts, purpose and creating from a Soul inspired place. 

You've got this and it's time to embody more of who you truly are and shine it!

She sees herself and her validation comes from within and continually proving her power t o herself through accepting herself. If she continues to listen to the cheetah’s voice in her head saying she’s not suited, not enough, lacking in some way she will prevent herself from really flying and feel off because she is not in line with her true nature. 

It may be that there is no cheetah in your life right now, but at some point we have all come across one and generally they leave a sneaky subconscious mark.

As you are stepping into purpose, flow and who you really are it is important to pay attention to the recordings in your subconscious, let go of and see the illusion in the restrictive ones and instead shine a light and expand on the powerful ones. 

Self Doubt is all like...

It’s like a cheetah making fun of an eagle, saying you can’t run fast so you won’t be successful. You can’t swim so you had better listen to me so you don’t fall on your face.

The thing is once the eagle sees itself for who she really is, for her strength she will see that her perspective and her view of the water, of the landscape is exactly what is needed for her own fulfillment and success. She no longer defines herself by what the cheetah thinks of her because she is secure in herself.

Please note this workshop is on hold with release date to be announced. 

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A class unlike any other, with a holistic approach...

Each class incorporates teaching, inner reflection, energy work, mediation and practices that encourage self-healing on multiple levels.

As we move through the workshop we will be utilizing:

  • Gaia Code Activations
  • Arcturain Healing
  • 8D Shift Energy Healing
  • How the law of attraction works with self doubt vs empowerment
  • Releasing past programs
  • How self-doubt shows up in your energy system and works with other illusion. limiting beliefs
  • Shamanic Journeys

During the workshop we will dive into:

  • Creating confidence
  • Creating self-reliance
  • Trusting Intuition
  • Getting to the root of self-doubt
  • Expanding the most powerful aspects of yourself
  • Self-acceptance & self worth
  • Security, stability and creativity
  • Life Purpose
  • Shifting the story and program


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