Realignment Activation

Intensive 1:1 Re-connection and Alignment to Your Soul Level Desires 

  • Understand what your Soul is calling for and what needs to be aligned to bring it to fruition starting now
  • Activate dormant codes within you of your natural Soul gifts
  • Come out with a manifesting plan from an ascended perspective

Manifesting on this 3D level can be tricky, often we approach it with our conscious mind as in what do I want to create?

 The thing is that our subconscious does the majority of the attraction from our end, and the Universe delivers based upon what is best for our Soul's growth. 

So we can get tripped up in subconsciously blocking ourselves from manifesting while at the same damn time, we are moving towards manifesting something for our selves that our Soul may or may not feel is the highest priority.

So our 2 main points of magnetism (attracting from our energy and flow from the Universe) can be out of harmony with our true Soul desires. 

This is where the Soul Desires Realignment Activation comes in.

 During this intensive 4 hour session we go deep (17 step process) into the desires of your Soul, realign and activate you to manifesting your Soul's desires from the highest level and pulling that down to Earth. 

From this place your Soul's fulfillment and happiness are top priority and set up to deeply nourish you on a Spiritual, physical, emotional and mental level.   

When we approach manifesting from this perspective we give free roam for Spirit to co-create with us. We give a wider opening to invite in the magic of the Divine while balancing out with the subconscious work on our personality/ karmic end. In this way we are accepting what the Universe is flowing to us while also attracting that same thing. Increasing our magnetism exponentially. 

This experience is meant as a potent alignment to where your Soul wants to be and opens up the doorway allowing things to fall into place while you are left with a sense of peace about yourself in the present moment and clarity and curiosity about what is up next as well as the confidence and insight to make those moves. 

Now all this high vibration alignment would not be possible without a firm support in place to hold it and an ability to fully ground these energies so this realignment is not for everyone. You must have experience grounding energy and doing deep healing work of your own to be a match to this alignment/ activation.

​​​​This alignment activation is NOT for you if you are still trapped in the victim mentality, if you tend to feel sorry for yourself, if you feel you are flawed or are off balance in another major way.

 This is a decadent treat of energy  working with ancient energies, Earth magick and the very essence of who you are. 

This activation IS DEFINITELY for you if you are strong in your power, you know you are worthy, deserving, a priestess, initiate to Hathor, you are an Earth Angel, a powerful lightworker and feel the expansion and connection of the Universe deep within your being.

These activations are specialized and for you if you resonate with what is shared on this page. It may be your time now, or you may still have a few lessons to go before you're ready for this so I encourage you to apply if you feel called. I will tune into your energy and checkin with my guides and your guides to see if you're a perfect match.

If you feel that is it your time apply below. 

The session starts an hour before we meet as I begin to tune in and work with your energy. I allow a set of custom Gaia Code activation to come through and draw out a visual of what the Soul shift looks like. 

We connect via audio and start to move through the 17 step process over apx. 4 hours. We uncover what your Soul Desires and complete energy and mindset work to begin matching your vibration. 

We then go into what specifics you want to co-create and end off with a custom created Soul Desires Manifesting plan. 

After our session (plan to spend some quiet time during the days following for insights and inspirations) you will receive a recording of the session, separate recording of the Gaia Code Activations and a PDF of your Manifesting plan. 

If you are a match payment is due prior to the session. Please allow 5 hours on your schedule for the full experience and some time afterward to process.

*Please note that these are now being booked 30-45 days out*

Investment is $1200 USD Payment plans available (3 pays of $400), all payments due prior to session. 

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