Soul Connection


A guided message from your highest vibration guides and Higher Self and custom created activation meditation journey.  

  • Connect in to who you are at a Soul level
  • Activate your Soul Gifts deeper
  • Receive a guided message to a question or be open to whatever your Soul is ready to expand into

You are meant to know yourself. 

"Crazy powerful in a gentle and loving way. It was exactly what I needed to hear, not all of it what I wanted to hear, but I needed to see some truths and to be shown them in a way that was digestible and approachable was super helpful - it was like my blind spots came straight into focus! It meant I was able to clear out some old stagnant energy and my connection to Source immediately felt lighter and crystal clear. Within days I noticed so much more information coming through and it felt like my intuition got an upgrade.

In an a slightly unusual way it was like having an energetic conversation with your best friend - they see all your parts, aren’t afraid to tell you the truth and love you because of your quirks not in spite of them.

I loved every minute of it and already have plans to schedule my next one!"

Amy Biondini The Lightworkers Coach

Ready to wake up and shake up at a Soul level?

Get the Activation  plus a channeled message from your guides. 

  • 8D Cosmic Codes Activation to Expand Gifts, Consciousness, Potential and Soul Happiness
  • CUSTOM MP3 Energy Healing/ Guided Meditation Format (apx. 20 minutes)
  • Short message from guides with specific focus

One Time Investment

$247 USD

Invest in your Soul Self.