Soul Map 

 Power, Potential and Purpose Intensive

For Lightworkers ready on every level to own who they are and why they came here. 

 For those ready to harness their power to move into their potential and understand and embody their purpose.

Soul Map is the intersection of your power, purpose and potential. It is fed from your Soul gifts and supported by your connection above and below and spiraled into creation by your human personality and story. It is the essence of what you have come here to create.

In a 12 week program Soul Map manifests as your own intuitive guidance and divinely inspired flow strengthening your connection to the Divine.

It grounds your Soul gifts into creative reality by guiding you into expression and expansion. It Divinely guides and aligns your business, your creative endeavors and your Soul level happiness and fulfillment.

Soul map is your key system to the next level of who you really are and what you came here to do. It is time.

What it looks like when you're connected to your power, purpose and potential: 

  • More Time
  • More Energy
  • More Insight
  • More Clarity
  • More Cash Flow
  • More Alignment
  • More Peace
  • More Joy
  • More Momentum

More of who you really are


Weekly recommended recordings and live energy healing to release limiting programs and connect deeper to your power, potential and purpose and help you embody and activate your Divine mission. 

3 Private Mentorship (Soul Map) Sessions

In addition to the group goodness and healing you will receive 3 private mentorship calls to dive into the blind spots or work with me to develop a grounded strategy plan to bring your desires to reality. 

Daily Accountability and Focus in  Intimate Facebook group

With daily accountability, mindset focus and energy alignment we make every single day count. This is only for women who are truly ready for their potential. 

Mindset and Strategy Coaching to Get You Taking Action

Weekly group coaching to get to the bottom of anything preventing you from taking action, and keep you feeling aligned and taking inspired action. 

This program is only for those who ARe:

  • Ready to take BIG action towards their desires
  • Ready to step into their power and make a huge impact
  • Ready to embody their intuitive and Divine truth
  • Ready to commit to yourself every single day
  • Ready to accept more of your potential and purpose than ever before
  • Ready to stand up as the lightworker this world needs

Connect, Expand & Express
Power, Purpose & Potential

Tracy Gaudet

Hey! I'm Tracy Gaudet, the Soul Alchemist. I am a game changer for lightworker entrepreneurs who are ready to claim and embody more of who they are on a Soul level and step into their power, purpose and potential. I combine my training and gifts in mindset coaching, energy healing and intuitive/ Akashic Record reading to guide you directly into your Highest level timeline and create the impact you came here to make! Zip over to to learn more about me and how I can help you. 

Share the message and help to empower lightworkers everywhere. 


Weekly 8D SHIFT Energy Healing Based on Your Resistance, and/ or GAIA CODE Activations. 

Weekly Mindset and Intuitive Biz Coaching Call, Connected to Your Akashic Records

3 Private Mentoship, Coaching &

Soul Map Session

Say YES to your grounded, expansive and flowing path forward.  

Next start date TBD - Message me to get on the wait list. CLICK HERE.

Investment for this intensive personal and professional growth experience is $2500USD (or 15 weekly pays of $185)

> Save $275 with Pay in Full PLUS get an extra 30 minute private session!<

If you are ready for this experience please reach out to me with the subject SOUL MAP. Tell me a bit about yourself and your business to see if we are a perfect fit. or message me on Facebook HERE.

Pay in Full Bonus

Receive an extra bonus 30 minute private session and save $275!

What it's like to work with me


Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!

Darcy Iverson Love Coach


I could feel the work with Tracy begin before our call even started. Within minutes of our session I was amazed by how accurate and spot on her reading was. She used her incredible gifts to guide and heal in a way I have never experienced before! Tracy's mindful and comforting demeanor kept me feeling safe and protected while she uncovered some blocks that I *knew* existed on some level but couldn't see or move past on my own. The insights provided during my session were super helpful and assisted me in releasing fears that were holding me back. This combined with Tracy's healing gifts made a huge impact on me and the path I'm on. I'm still feeling the effects of Tracy's work days later!

Jessica Thenhaus Business Coordinator

You are ready.


I'd like to thank Tracy Gaudet! She is spectacular! Helped me during our session clear a big, big chunk of energy stuck. Since then I've felt so focused and I feel an increase in self-belief and self-worth. I recognise abundance all around me. I'm very grateful Tracy supported me with the clearing of the energy and now I'm continuing the mindset work. If you feel things could flow easier, do reach out to Tracy Gaudet! Thank you. Happy thoughts

Anca Stefania IorgulescuTravel & Coach


Ladies y'all need to jump in and join this program! After just a few weeks of working with Tracy I've got so much more connected with my intuition and it's making what was frustrating me in my business flow so much easier! I can't wait for this program

Lynn Doak Devata Holistic Centre

From an early age I felt the rush of magic that the Universe holds. I felt I held immense power, a great responsibility and intuitive calling to reawaken who I truly am. To come to a place of business alignment and personal fulfillment unrestricted by the programs of society. It has taken years of study and deep inner transformation to see myself on this Soul level and to even begin to understand and accept the level of power, potential and purpose within me. As I moved through energetic blockages and pre-programs ways of being I continued to move closer.

Though much of the progress was on such a subtle level at times I felt I was travelling backwards and created great waves of depression where I would fall back into the mindset of lack, of not enough of why bother and questioning my power, potential and purpose. This painted a temporary black fog over my Soul Map and made me feel lost and confused when I forgot about the bright light within that could dissolve the fog.

As I came back to my senses and allowed my Soul gifts of showing the way I was able again to feel my power, potential and purpose and with that allowed a momentum of clarity, creativity and flow that I have never experienced before. Everything would fall into place and there was always more than enough time and energy for all that I intended to do. Actions came naturally and, inspired by the Divine, flowed throughout my day. I am grateful and expanded and aligned. I am grounded and connected above. I will continue my ascension journey and know that many more ups and downs are on the way, but I am gifted with a deeper sense of trust and joy that lifts my head above the fog as I become more and more in tune with my Soul Map.

It is my purpose and honor to help guide the way for you as well, so that you may feel that alignment of self and purpose that is right there for you too. 

With Gratitude,