Spiritual Support and Clarity Session

Harnessing Your Inner Wisdom and Stability

We will move through journey, healing and activation for a deeper connection with your inner knowing and stability. 

What we will explore and work with

Harnessing Inner Wisdom

The Earth is calling, our DNA is calling. Many of these light codes we have been anchoring are ready to come to the surface. In this session we will be reconnecting and recalibrating our inner wisdom for greater ease of connection. 

Strengthening Energetic Stability

In order to fully anchor, ground and express these light codes we are required to embody energetic stability so these energies may move harmoniously in and through us.

Exploring Your Current Challenge 

Part of our journey will involve going head on to a current challenge in your life, connecting it into your activated inner wisdom and stability for greater clarity and forward movement. 

Exploring Your Current Calling

On the flip side of your challenge is your calling. Where is the Universe directing you? We will connect this with your inner wisdom and stability to clarify the way forward. 

“In order to feel, know and take action on your inner wisdom you must first have the capacity. Capacity is strengthened through stability and connection.

Harnessing Your Inner Wisdom and Stability

  • Session recording from live session (on Full Moon August 30th) 
  • 90 minute session recording with journey/teaching, healing, activation and channeled coaching 
  • $88 to register