be who you came here to be

 Frequency shift 

Deeper Connection & Clarity With You

Focus on your frequency to bring all your personal growth work together. 


Get exceptionally clear on who you are on a Soul level, see, feel and know yourself. 


Deepen your sense of connection to all parts of self and the sense of presence this brings. 


Certainty on your truth and your path amplify as you strengthen your connection with Soul. 


When you embrace your full Truth you create capacity for deeper level fulfillment in all areas. 

[From Ascension Alchemy Akashic Records] I feel much more grounded and a shift in my understanding of the events of my life.  I feel a sense of wonder and excitement with discovering my records. 

The way you teach, Tracy, feeds my soul. You answer my questions before I ask them! I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to provide additional training in other areas. I love that you provide time for us to practice.

I would absolutely recommend this course! It is packed with value, high vibe participants and a kick ass teacher! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! 

Shelley Scudder, Spiritual Coach

Hi, I'm Tracy!

I help intuitive women who have lost their spark for life to reclaim their true self, the empowerment, fulfilment and love for life without having to stop their daily lives. I firmly believe that spiritual advancement and soul level fulfillment can be achieved through everyday life. I guide women back to the truth of who they are, the intuition, wisdom and joy of who they really are. 

As a multi-modality energy healer and channel I work with all levels of being to redirect you back to yourself. 

Who this program was created for

This program was created for you if:

  • You are intuitive (even if you don't practice regularly)
  • You have been doing personal development work for years
  • You are feeling some disconnect and know there is so much more within you
  • You've been doing the work and want to put the pieces together
  • You understand the power and impact devotion to self can have on your life

Self Study or group

Choose Your Path

Modules are released bi-weekly starting March 16th

Self Study



  • Access to all content (6 Modules) 

The Journey 

You've been doing the work and can feel something building and shifting within you, yet it feels like there is still some static on the line, some level of disconnect from embodiment of your Truth and Soul self.

Maybe you're getting glimpses of it but are ready to expand your capacity and BE that which you are to a greater degree. 

As an Ascension Wayshower part of my mission is helping you to take this journey, this reconnection and claiming of self. 

Our journey takes places across 6 modules that lead you through the waters and mists of illusion back to clarity, sovereignty and empowerment of self. 

Each module contains:

> Teaching video to get your brain on board with this journey and empower you into a deeper understanding of how to embody yourself on a frequency level.

> Journey recording including energy healing and activation energies to bring you into deeper coherence and connection with your Truth. These journeys take you into your Akashic Records for deepest clarity. 

> Healing and activation recording work on multiple levels (including DNA) to work with where you are at in the moment. These recordings speak directly to your frequency and address some of the key ways we stay separated from deepest connection to truth in daily life. 

In module 1 we begin to lift the fog of illusion and bring awareness to your mental, emotional, physical and energy bodies and the power of coherence. 

Guided Journey: Uncover your Soul Emotions, Deepen Your Discernment and Clear The Fog 

Energy Healing and Activation: Releasing Pressure and Doubt 

In module 2 we get deeper into your Soul DNA and Soul story, things that add up to make you You on a Soul level. We will also start to increase your capacity to hold more of your essence. 

Guided Journey: Soul History Enrichment and Capacity Journey 

Energy Healing and Activation: Karmic/ Ancestral Cleanse of Struggle/ Survival 

In module 3 we bring our focus to patterns and lessons in the present moment and increasing your capacity for adaptability and grace towards self. 

Guided Journey: Practicing Coherence With The Mental Body During Challenges

Energy Healing and Activation: Clarity and Personal Power Clearing and Activation

In module 4 we focus on the life you came here to live. We look forward and look back before centring in the power of the present moment. 

Guided Journey: Higher Perspective and Cosmic Lesson Plan Journey

Energy Healing and Activation: Karmic Cycles Journey Healing 

In module 5 we turn up the volume on discernment, increasing your capacity further hold the frequency of trust. 

Guided Journey: Recapitulation of Security, Worthiness, Deserving, Alignment and Certainty

Energy Healing and Activation: Trust Healing and Recalibration

In module 6 as we come to the end of our journey we take a few weeks to get in the habit of reconnecting to Soul in the present moment. We get clear on Soul led desires and taking action from a place of Soul Truth. 

Guided Journey: Expanding Capacity for Joy, Satisfaction and Fulfillment (In Love With Life)

Energy Healing and Activation: Releasing Pressure and Procrastination 

Self Study VS Group

Which is right for you? 

Self Study 

  • You are highly motivated to get into this work 
  • You have a 100% crystal clear connection with intuition and mindset already 
  • You want to go about this program at your own pace (longer than 12 weeks)
  • You work best independently  


  • You are highly motivated to get into this work 
  • You have a connection with intuition and mindset yet would love additional clarity and perspective
  • You desire the added expansion, momentum and value that group work brings
  • You are craving more community and connection in your life

Self Study or group

Choose Your Path

Modules are released bi-weekly starting March 16th

Self Study



  • Access to all content (6 Modules) 

More info on the modules and vibe of True Self Reconnection