Practical Ascension. You know it's your time to rise, and you are so ready. 

Self Study Programs  

Intuition Masterclass


Self study 3 part masterclass series. Understanding the mindset of intuition plus guided journey to anchor your gifts. Learn more.

Akashic Records

Your ascension journey expands as you connect and work with the Akashic Records and the ascension pathway opens up to greet you with Soul gifts,  insight and personal growth. Learn more. 

Journey of Ascended Consciousness

Consistent self led liberation from programs and embodiment of Soul Self. 

Learn more 

Ascension with the Archangels 

Consistent self led liberation from programs and embodiment of Soul Self. 

Learn more

Private 1:1 Sessions and Mentorship

DNA Activation Restructure and Akashic Amenti Sessions 

Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method® and 2 private 60 minute follow up Akashic Amenti calls to anchor your Soul blueprint and next evolution. Learn more.

Akashic Ascension Private Session 

Private hour long 1:1 session where we tap into your Akashic Records, and explore your ascension and Soul history to get to the root of what you're experiencing and how to move forward powerfully. Book here. 

Who I Work With and Show Up For

I work with spiritual women (you define this on your own terms) 

  • Who are not all love and light
  • Who are multifaceted, who have or are bouncing around with depression, anxiety, addictions, big life lessons right along with the love and light
  • Who have a burning desire to end patterns of struggle and suffering for themselves and others
  • Who fiercely desire to create a more beautiful world yet recognize that this process is a personal journey as well as an outer one
  • Who crave joy, Soul expression and the depths of the human experience, not just the surface
  • Who are not willing to settle or live their life on autopilot
  • Who are ready to be part of a supportive community of light and drop the judgement and ego stories
  • These are the change makers and way showers that I work with and that I am committed to help rise

If you resonate with the type of spiritual women that I work with reach out to me.

Even if you don't see a program or class that clicks right away. 

Subscribe to the Practical Ascension Podcast, follow me on InstagramFacebook or literally email me just to let me know you are feeling it. tracy(at)tracygaudet(dot)com

Past Client Experience 

Emma Kenyon -

I just finished the advanced Akashic record class with Tracy and I am really happy that I made the decision to take the class. My understanding of the akashic has grown exponentially and my ability to also access and go deep in the akashic has grown significantly to. One of the main purposes of the course was to find our own modality. I was nervous about this however Tracy guided and supported me so beautifully that I did uncover it and now I feel so empowered from learning to use it and practise it. Tracy is a brilliant teacher who is highly knowledgeable and makes the study and discovery of akashic so exciting, fun and empowering. Thank you! for all your gifts and all that you do!! xx

Darcy Iverson - Love Coach

Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!

Jessica Thenhaus - Business Coordinator

I could feel the work with Tracy begin before our call even started. Within minutes of our session I was amazed by how accurate and spot on her reading was. She used her incredible gifts to guide and heal in a way I have never experienced before! Tracy's mindful and comforting demeanor kept me feeling safe and protected while she uncovered some blocks that I *knew* existed on some level but couldn't see or move past on my own. The insights provided during my session were super helpful and assisted me in releasing fears that were holding me back. This combined with Tracy's healing gifts made a huge impact on me and the path I'm on. I'm still feeling the effects of Tracy's work days later!

Ready to get to know me a bit? 

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