Embodied Light Leader

Anchoring Your Ascended Soul Gifts

Advanced Akashic Exploration and Activation Series

Purpose and Intention of this Container 

The new wave is coming and we will be ready for it. 

More people than ever before will be called to spiritual, transformation, healing and awakening as a focus. 

They will need light leaders in full embodiment and integrity to guide the way.

In this exploration and activation journey we are clarifying our role and catalyzing our embodiment of our ascended light leadership. 

This program is for the healer and teacher ready to embody more of their soul gifts. More of their purpose, mission, visibility and impact. 

This program was co created with the Ascension Collective to help bring more empowerment and light to those assisting with ascension, healing and guiding the collective.

9 Journey Style Sessions 

 These sessions will be mainly energy based, guided journeys through the Akashic Records and Amenti field as well as energy healings and activations to prompt you into deeper connection, clarity and embodiment of your Soul gifts. 

Session Focus and Themes


  • Clarifying, embracing and honoring your gifts at your next level. Anchoring into your current mission, purpose and role.  
  • Akashic awareness and awakening to soul gifts and potential  exploring what is available for you to embody
  • Master healer connection, timeline and energy


  • Divine Feminine, Divine worth, connection to the Goddess Grid. Letting go of past disappointment and doubts to open to miracles. 
  • Your magnetic frequency, Divine Masculine and Feminine in balanced flow. 
  • Anchoring your Soul desires, your Divine creativity. 


  •  Master teacher, visionary, guide embodiment, expanding your capacity to lead. 
  • Visibility embodiment, expanding your capacity to be seen. 
  • Abundance embodiment, expanding your capacity to receive. 


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