Ascension Mastermind

Awakening - Awareness - Potential 

Expanding Your Legacy Impact

You are a catalyst for great change.

You are feeling on the precipice of expansion. 

You are centered, anchored, you know who you are yet are feeling like you are ready to grow new roots and soar to new heights. 

You are called to expand your capacity to give and receive light. 

You know enough, you have learned enough, now you are ready to dive deeply into exploration of your souls potential.

You are an ascension wayshower and I am here to hold space as a visionary for what is possible for you.

This mastermind is designed to help you propagate new roots in fertile soil. 

New growth, new light, new capacity.

Ascension Mastermind is for you if:

  • You are spiritually focused yet deeply connected to mental energy.
  • You are ready to stretch out your wings and soar more expansively than ever before.
  • You are ready to dive more deeply into your Soul truth than ever before.
  • You are ready to witness your own awakened evolution.
  •  You are ready to cut through all the noise and possibilities and create a clear path forward for your evolution and mission.
  • You are ready to understand deeply what is being asked of you and how to anchor, embody and deliver it. 

Hi, I'm Tracy Gaudet.

Ascension Shaman and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

My visionary awareness and soul gifts are designed to seed new growth, to anchor awareness on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes of existence.

I am here to hold a space as a visionary to help you realize what is not yet manifested - to expand your perspective of self and guide you to bring your pieces together from the most cosmic to the most grounded. 

I am here to help propagate seeds of intention for a mass global awakening of consciousness. Together, in this container that is exactly what we will do.

From the deepest depth of challenge and the highest highs of creation and connection all is invited into this space. It is only by encompassing the all that we will traverse the path of the unseen and unknown that is calling for exploration. 

Soul connections will be made. Light codes will awaken.

What's included in Ascension Mastermind:

  • 12 week rapid ascension mastermind with weekly calls.
  • 8 guided intimate group light leadership calls where I will be channelling your next evolution and helping you to clarity and anchor your new roots and expand your light awareness. 
  • 4 connection and collaboration calls, all who are called to this work will create an interweaving web of activation with one another. Together we seed more deeply, we rise more powerfully and we activate more expansively.
  • Telegram channel to stay connected and energetically supported in our sacred container between calls.  

Investment & Application of Interest 

Applications of interest are now open. 

Start date and call times will be decided based on who applies, this sacred space is being co-created by those who are called to it.

Investment is $6000. 

Custom payment plans are available, up to 6 monthly payments of $1000.