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Deepen your ascension journey starting right now. My library of journeys and challenges is the perfect way to get on track with expanding into more of your soul gifts, potential and clarity. 

Sage Membership is no longer available. 


  • Ancestral Clearing with St. Germain to connect with, heal and understand more of your ancestral energy
  • Reveal and Heal Your Biggest Business Fears and Doubts Guided Journey 
  • Full Moon Ceremony for Personal and Intuitive Power
  • Gentle Full Moon Healing with Archangel Sandalphon (very popular favourite) 
  • Connect to Natural Energy Healing Gifts with the Full Moon 
  • (NEW!) Full Length Guided Journey to Connect to New Moon, Heal Your Shadow and Clarify Your Intentions 


Instead of being led by what is going on around you, take an empowered stance and choose your role as conscious co-creator of your life. 

What is it that you desire? More peace? Freedom? Flexibility? Joy? Fun? Ease? Expression? Claim it

Join me for this free 5 day training and challenge and step into your role as conscious co-creator. 

One of the core components to shifting your life is being mindful of how you feel and what you are thinking. 

Join me for 7 days as we dive into this practice in simple, easy to implement ways that will help you to develop your mindfulness muscle and plug it into the bigger picture to help create transformation in your life. 

Join me for 5 days of sparking a reconnection with who you really are, getting clarity on the bigger picture and next steps and empowering yourself to expand into your aligned path forward. 

Complete with energy healing and activations, guided journeys and intuitive insight to guide you back to you purpose, power and potential.

BONUS! Get access to my full length Ascension with the Archangels workshop!

I'm Tracy Gaudet

I guide spiritual business owners through the ascension process, to help accelerate you into more of your potential and Soul level gifts. 

I am a Practical Ascension Guide, Akashic Records teacher and the creator of the Ascension Alchemy Methodâ„¢.

I use my combined training and intuitive connection to work in the Multidimensional Akashic Records, through guided journeys, energy healing and activations to help expand you into greater possibilities and the next level that is open and available to you now.

I work with a combination of energy, mindset and practical action to create Soul Alignment and Expansion.

I feel more at peace with myself and connected. 

 - Stephen Archer

I feel such a connection to your energy, words, vibration and can instantly feel the benefit.

- Lynsey Cowan 

I'm slowly shedding my layers of protection and hesitancy. Connecting more with my self, intuition and have a sense of stronger me. I did the angel webinar with you and the info and angels definitely helped me with healing through a facial stroke!

- Mina Lombard