rescue goddess

rescue goddess

masterclass series

It is time for you as an intuitive and healer 

To Accelerate Your Ascension in a Balanced Way

To Journey, Heal and Activate for Balance, Peace & Abundance

rescue goddess


Healers & Intuitives Accelerated ascension 

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    (2) 60 Minute Masterclasses 
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    Energy Healing, Activation and Guided Journeys
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    Trial Access to Master Level Practical Ascension Portal (more info here)   including the Healer & Intuitive Ascension Kit
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    Working in Your Akashic Records and with High Level Guides
  • Daily Practices to Balance your Ascension

Healers & Intuitive Accelerated Ascension Masterclass

Detachment, Neutrality, Mindfulness and Integrity as a Lightworker

Deepening Grounding to Accelerate Ascension

 Integration and Balance of 5D while in 3D


Practical spirituality and advanced intuitive work to bring clarity, self  empowerment and action. 

Investment for this 2 week journey with lifetime access to the recordings is $197

This is now only available with Your Master Level Membership to Practical Ascension Membership Portal. Learn More.

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rescue goddess

If you are feeling stuck, like things are just not moving...

It's time to rescue yourself, empower yourself and step into a life that supports and fulfills you in every way. No one can take this step for you. 

Only you can claim your best life and step into your potential. 

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