Intuitive Alignment Mastermind

Empowering Lightworkers Deeper Into Their Divine Mission 

Strong. Stable. Confident. Clear.

You are someone who is awake and aware.

You are here in this life to bring the light, to create change and to play your part in this ascension process. 

Yet distortions happen, programs take over and you find yourself not as in tune and aligned with your mission and soul self as you know you are capable of. 

This is distortion programming working it's way into your body, mind and energy creating confusion, doubt and uncertainty that ultimately dim your light and your capacity to lead, heal and be the change. 

You are done with this distortion and you are ready for intuitive alignment.

It's time for Intuitive Alignment  

  • It's time to expand your intuitive clarity
  • It's time to anchor deeper into spiritual support
  • It's time to restructure distortions
  • It's time to clarify and align to your potential, vision and impact
  • It's time for deeper alignment on all levels of Being


Why am I offering this mastermind? 

 As we move deeper into this ascension process increasing layers of distortion are revealed. This is necessary and natural for our awakening yet it has thrown so many of us off course. 

We are being asked for deeper alignment on all levels of our Being. We are being asked to utilize our free will to anchor into who we really are and why we are really here. 

In order to do this we must engage our body, mind and energy and work with the distortion that is being presented to us.  

Through transmutation of this distortion and deep alignment on all levels of Being we are engaging our true soul selves, we are activating our divine potential. 

Hi, I'm Tracy Gaudet.

Ascension Shaman and Divine Genius Wayshower. 

My visionary awareness and soul gifts are designed to seed new growth, to anchor awareness on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic planes of existence.

I am here to hold a space as a visionary to help you realize what is not yet manifested - to expand your perspective of self and guide you to bring your pieces together from the most cosmic to the most grounded.

What's included in this mastermind

  • 12 live calls (journeys, activations, healings, round table, small partner and group work) 
  • 12 channelled alignment modules from the ascension collective (released weekly) 
  • Telegram channel to stay connected, supported and inspired



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Alignment Modules 

What to expect in the modules 

Not Self programs and habits. Working with your body and emotions.

In this module we will be strengthening your intuitive connection to your physical and emotional body for deeper clarity of communication and emotional/ energetic processing.

Aligning to spiritual innocence and softness.

In this module we will be deprogramming distorted structures of force and pressure and softening into more of a flow-like state of progress. 

Shifting Karmic, collective energy patterns and distortions.

In this module we will be working with individual and collective distortion patterns and strengthening your clarity and  instructions for your unique healing and harmonizing gifts.  

Purpose, mission and role mastery reconnection.

In this module we will be connecting with our Akashic Records and Soul Blueprint to uncover deeper layers of self as we program these energies into our now reality. 

Energetic stability, strength and sovereignty.

In this module we will be connecting to the essence of who you are as an energetic Being of light. The strength of connection, the stability of unconditional support and the sovereignty of claiming your energetic space through your spiritually supported free will. 

Expansion and the Divine Mind.

 In this module we expand our vision and perception to connect with the Divine Mind. Honoring who we are and how far we have come as individuals and collectively. As we connect our mind to the Divine Mind our vision and cocreation expand and energize.

Spiritual willpower and momentum.

In this module we will be building on module 3 (3,6 and 9 love to work together!) where we moved into softness and flow. We tap into natural momentum, like rushing water, our spiritual will power breaks through limitations and obstacles. We work with ego will and spiritual will to move deeper into flow and natural momentum. 

Soul history and patterning.

In this module we explore, through our Divine Akashic connection, patterns and history of karmic and ancestral wounds to deepen our awareness and healing of the path that is unfolding for us in this incarnation. 

Clearing the path to descend into your Divine creativity. 

In this module we build on modules 3 and 6 to clear the energetic pathways for your Divine creativity to rise up from Ascension codes within the Earth. We also move into harmonic resonance with these codes to bring about natural creative unfolding.

Alignment to Divine Will.

We deepen the work from module 1 where we explore the not-self vs the true-self and bring clarity to the role Divine Will plays in the unfolding of our purpose, mission and role.

Activating Divine inheritance.

 In this module we shed light on the distortions in the financial matrix field. We clarify the frequencies to come into deeper states of harmony with our most aligned financial flow.  

Alignment to crystal clarity.

In this module we move into abundant clarity on our purpose, mission and role as well as our next steps going forward into this new season of our lives. 

What to expect on the live calls 

Live calls will each be unique and Divinely guided. Based on the alignment module of the week, current energies and what you are moving through. 

You can expect:

Guided Shamanic Journeys

Energy healing, activations, restructuring

Group discussions and Q&A

Breakout groups to practice, gain perspective and connect


  • Mastermind runs October 5th - December 21st 2023
  • Live calls on Thursdays (time TBD will be voted on by those who register)
  • All calls will be held on Zoom and recording will be posted directly after
  • All modules and recordings will be yours to download and keep



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