Intuitive Alchemy Mastermind

Develop your psychic and energy worker skills, and dive into Spiritual topics

This mastermind is for you if you're feeling a call to spend more time with your intuitive side, develop it, practice consistently and open up to multiple modalities of energy work to see which resonates best for you. 

If you are ready to heal the wounds of the past and step into your power, increasing your confidence, connection and trust in yourself and the Divine. 

What's Included

Tiny dedicated Facebook group for direct access to me for coaching, guidance, feedback on experiences, readings, energy healing and more. 

Monthly question threads where I channel guidance from your Akashic Records/ guides​

Monthly group call for coaching and releasing resistance/ bringing in empowered energy

Monthly energy healing/reading modality theme spotlight ex. Akashic Records, crystal healing, EFT etc.

Monthly psychic/ energy healing theme and exploration ex. judgement, dimensions, trust, boundaries etc. 

Bonus Access to Intuitive Business Alchemy Level 1 (intuitive development course - more info here) $350 value!

Understand who you are as a spiritual as well as human being. Practice and play with modalities and concepts to see where you shine the brightest. 

Practice your superpowers in a supportive environment with a strong focus on standing in your power, delivering truthful and uplifting messages and deepening your connection to the Divine. 

Heal lifetimes of trauma related to your gifts and learn to apply these gifts in everyday life. 

Lynn Doak Energy Therapist & Intuitive Coach

Ladies y'all need to jump in and join this program! After just a few weeks of working with Tracy I've got so much more connected with my intuition and it's making what was frustrating me in my business flow so much easier!

Tentative January 2018 Start Depending on Applicants


Financial investment is $97 USD/ monthly. Membership is month to month. 

Time investment is about 1-ish hour weekly, the more time you put in, the more you'll get out of it. 

Ready to take action?

We get started (tentative in January 2018 based on applicants) the 1st Saturday of each month. Join the wait list below.