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Pluto Retrograde Ascension Kit  

Pluto Retrograde - Into the Darkness

Pluto is in Retrograde, relative to the Earth, from April 25 - October 4 2020. This provides us with the opportunity to dive deeply into our shadow, into the unknown and heal and transform in many areas of our lives. This time can also feel confusing and frustrating as we evolve into more of who we are on a Soul level.

Connect to and ascend powerfully in the energy of this retrograde with my Ascension kit. 

What's Included in the Pluto Retrograde Ascension Kit

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    Pluto Shadow Healing and Possibility Portal (guided healing and activation)
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    Soul Level Expression Meditation and Worksheet 
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    Meditation to Cut Attachment and Call Power Back from Past Projects
  • 8D SHIFT HEALING™ Fears and Anxiety About Moving Forward
  • Guided Journey with Ascended Master Parvati to Bring Clarity About Life Changes
  • Deep Grounding Journey
  • Shamanic Journey to Uncover Resistance and Accept Gifts

Like everything I offer this kit works with practical spirituality and mindfulness to bring clarity, self acceptance, empowerment and action. 

Make the Most of This Retrograde

by leaning in to and working with the cosmic energies we make the most of this tranformative and expansive time. 

Investment $77

*** This Pluto Retrograde Ascension Kit is available exclusively in the Pratical Ascension Portal learn more here and secure your membership ***

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Pluto Retrograde Ascension Kit