Tap into your natural Soul gifts and wisdom.  
Remember and claim who you really are.

This site is not for the spiritual newbie.

 This is for you, who has been doing the messy work of ascension.

Who has been moving through painful dark nights of the Soul and up into total awe and bliss and back again. 

We are here at this time to deeply heal, to come back to our Soul gifts and wisdom and to express our part in the ascension of humanity.

 I am here to help guide you back, as a wayshower of your Soul's potential to help you  reclaim it. 


Awareness of what is happening energetically, and a deeper connection to your own wisdom. Understand what to expect as we move forward. Help  put your mind at ease that in fact you're not crazy and you are not in this alone. 


When you resist the ascension process and turn away from who you are and why you are here the process becomes exponentially more painful. Learn to  embrace the ascension process and connect to a community of others ready to own this spiritual evolution.  This is a big deal. 


Once you practice understanding and accepting you are positioned to expand ascension energies. This may come as your 'next level'  as an expression of your Soul gifts and purpose or simply a deeper connection to  and peace with who you are.


Ascension Kits are my unique creation and curation of powerful rituals, guided journeys, energy healings and activation to help you master specific ascension energies.  Currently included you'll find the Heart Charka, Mercury Retrograde, Pluto Retrograde, Healers & Intuitives and Money Energy Ascension Kits. 

Full Length Courses & Masterclasses are also included in your membership! Courses include 4 Week Intuitive Development, 6 Week Intuitive Business Strategy, 12 Week Money Mindset Miracles, 30 Days of Archangel Ascension and 12 Week Rescue Goddess Journey of Soul Discovery. Masterclasses include: Golden Expression Goddess and New Moon Planning Series. 

To help things along the way and to compliment your own self healing work, your membership includes access to at least 17 unique recordings of my 8D SHIFT energy healing modality and GAIA CODE energy activations to take your ascension process to the next level. 

These guided journeys are where everything really comes together. Through these journeys you access and deepen your spiritual gifts and connection. Each journey comes with a unique focus based on what you are ready to focus on. 

Enrolment Now Closed

If you can feel the call I invite you to join me in The Practical Ascension Portal and deepen this journey. If you find you don't resonate with the content, you are free to cancel anytime and not be charged again. 

Choose from a $47/ Monthly or $444/ Annual membership. 

I feel more at peace with myself and connected. 

 - Stephen Archer

I feel such a connection to your energy, words, vibration and can instantly feel the benefit.

- Lynsey Cowan 

I'm slowly shedding my layers of protection and hesitancy. Connecting more with my self, intuition and have a sense of stronger me. I did the angel webinar with you and the info and angels definitely helped me with healing through a facial stroke!

- Mina Lombard

I'm Tracy Gaudet

I guide spiritual business owners through the ascension process, to help accelerate you into more of your potential and Soul level gifts. 

I am a Practical Ascension Guide, Akashic Records teacher and the creator of the Ascension Alchemy Methodâ„¢.

I use my combined training and intuitive connection to work in the Multidimensional Akashic Records, through guided journeys, energy healing and activations to help expand you into greater possibilities and the next level that is open and available to you now.

I work with a combination of energy, mindset and practical action to create Soul Alignment and Expansion.