When you consciously make the choice and commit to embodiment of your Soul level self the Universe responds and rises up to meet you. 

In this high frequency container we will commit to a 28 day cycle of Soul Self embodiment. 

Using the principles of the Divine Genius Map™, The Ascension Alchemy Method™ and easy daily recordings you will be taken on a journey of liberation.

To release and let go of the restrictions of your programmed self and step into deeper embodiment of your true Soul self.

What does it feel like to embody your Soul Self? 

You’ve probably felt this before, it’s the flow state. When you embody your Soul Self you are operating multidimensionally, you are interacting with the quantum field and you are fully engaged in the present moment. 

As your sense of true self rises so does your clarity, your empowerment and your sense of purpose and commitment to your time on Earth.

Soul embodiment is not a destination but a state. 

With each embodiment wave and anchoring (meaning you are living it in your daily life) you experience deeper understanding, waves of truth and feelings of freedom and flow. The journey of Soul embodiment never really ends so we immediately give ourselves the freedom and joy of exploration without agenda or ego desire. 

We take the journey for the journey itself, not for the destination it brings us to. When you embody your Soul self the journey is the destination and every step on the path is magical.

This High frequency container of support and Soul nourishment is for those who are ready for self led ascension.

Who are ready to dive head first into the adventure that their soul has laid out.

These journeys require courage to commit to yourself and I will be here holding the frequency so your mental, emotional and spiritual self can safely and easily open to the transformation. 

Our journey is structured on a 28 days cycle, so you can choose to go at your own pace or follow the set structure.

There is no force in this container, only commitment and flow. 

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Tracy is a brilliant teacher who is highly knowledgeable and makes the study and discovery of akashic so exciting, fun and empowering. Thank you! for all your gifts and all that you do!! Xx

Emma Kenyon, The Art of Standing Apart


The way you teach, Tracy, feeds my soul. You answer my questions before I ask them! I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to provide additional training in other areas.

Shelley Scudder, Shelley in Grace 


Hey, I'm Tracy. 

 Soul Alchemist and Divine Genius Wayshower. I co-create with emerging leaders and spiritual entrepreneurs who are ready to understand more of who they are, to accept and trust themselves and express their Divine Genius, to create their master level fulfilment and impact. 

I co-create with the Akashic Records and. Halls of Amenti through the spiritual, mindset and emotional levels to Shamanically guide you to the core of who you are. As the creator of intuitive development and personal mastery systems as well as energy healing modalities, I understand the depth that it takes to access your Divine Genius and the unmistakable feeling of Soul fulfilment when you are tapped in.

 I also understand the unrelenting pain of feeling separate from your purpose, and the power and wisdom that comes from all human emotions. I am here to guide you through it all. It is time to rise and it is time to claim your Divine Genius. 

How I Teach and Mentor > The Ascension Alchemy Method™

My unique training method, the Ascension Alchemy Method™ balances:

 Energetic alignment (that really subtle stuff that makes a big difference) 


 Mindset (getting the subconscious and conscious mind to agree)


Practical and strategic action (also known as aligned or inspired action)

= Soul Alignment & Expansion

How I Teach and Mentor > The Divine Genius Map™

In working with my Divine team, The Ascension Awareness Collective, I was gifted a map of accessing and expressing your Divine Genius. 

Our 4 key paths of the Divine Genius map are:

Self Knowing (Remember)

Self Acceptance (Reclaim)

Self Trust (Embody)

Self Belief (Expression) 

When you embody your Divine Genius and create from this place synchronicities and miracles are common place and you find that all the Universe conspires in your favour.