practical ascension

Akashic Records 

For Business

Your most aligned and successful year ever in your business with the Akashic Records!

Combined we are unstoppable. 

You've learned to access the Akashic Records, and are having serious fun with them, recognizing the transformation and wisdom that they bring. 


You've got an online business, are ready to step up to your role as a leader, have your business fully support you and feel the joy that comes with fulfilling your entrepreneurial desires. 

Join me as I guide you to connect your increasing intuitive brilliance and use it to anchor in business success and alignment. 

When you connect your Akashic Records and Your Business...

You create aligned offers, branding, marketing, sales, client attraction.

All perfectly aligned to your energy.

All powerfully created with your passion and excitement behind it.

All magnetic to your Soul clients.  

How and why this program works

The Akashic Records are unlimited (as I'm sure you have noticed) but in order to really utilize them for business you need to get some spiritual strategy in the mix. With each video module and PDF we dive into an aspect of business and how to work with it in the Akashic Records through strategic questioning that will support your:

Mindset --- Energy --- Practical Action Steps 

Learn the questions that I ask that have led me to create my most ideal business that supports me effortlessly financially and fulfills my desire to serve and evolve allowing ample time for family and my own ascension. 

My combined training and experience as an online business manager, certified law of attraction coach, Akashic Records teacher and marketing consultant puts me in a unique position to really understand what needs to happen in your personal process to allow you to step into your most aligned and expansive business. 

Akashic Records for Business focuses on 10 key areas so you can start where you are intuitively guided or complete the course one step at a time. 

Energetic Branding 



Goals and Expansion


Touch Points 


Repeat Sales


Follow Up 

What to Expect

In each video module I share wisdom on the topic from the Akashic Records and what I have learned in my own experience.

In each video module I review the recommended questions to ask in the records to come to a place of alignment and expansion in each area. 

By simply asking the strategic question I offer in this course within your Records you open the floodgates of clarity around your business and can easily spot resistance and begin to heal it with the Akashic Records. Making you magnetic to your Soul clients. 

Investment $497

No longer available. Please checkout my current offers here. 

*Please note previous experience with the Akashic Records is a very benefitial for this program. This course does not teach how to access the records. You can also receive huge benefit from this program if you are connected to your intuition and energy healing in your own way, just apply the principles to however you connect intuitively* 

practical ascension