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Healers & intuitives Ascension Kit  

As Healers & Intuitives 

We are ahead of the curve when it comes to ascension, yet with managing 3D as we move to 5D this is not always an easy task. 

Use this ascension kit to help balance and integrate the unique flow of light being gifted to you and help to accelerate your ascension. 

Take the step and move more fully into your 5D self by pulling the higher vibration energies into 3D and creating a ripple effect of powerful light.  

What's Included in the Healers and Intuitives Ascension Kit

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    Secure and Resource Your Energy 
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    Cleanse, Detach, Ground and Re-Source Quick Practice and Recording
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    Deep Grounding Meditation/ Activation
  • Disconnect from Collective Stress
  • Soul Map Prosperity Healing
  • Mindful Observer Meditation
  • 5D Chakra Collection (including Angelic 5D Anchor, Gaia Code 5D Activations, 8D SHIFT Clearing for 5D and 5D Meditation and Attunement) 

Like everything I offer this kit works with practical spirituality and mindfulness to bring clarity, self acceptance, empowerment and action. 

Investment $77

*** This Ascension Kit is now only available through the Practical Ascension Portal here. ***

practical ascension

Healers & Intuitives Ascension Kit