practical ascension

Heart Chakra Ascension Kit  

Your heart is your bridge

Your bridge to the Divine, to your Ascended Earth self 

With unconditional Divine love and acceptance of self anything is possible for us, and all we need can be attracted to us

With an ascended heart chakra we can feel the call of the Divine and we recognize that we are the conduit to create on Earth

As you practice Heart Chakra Ascension you feel the presence of the Divine within you and allow yourself to overflow that vibration. 

What's Included in the Heart Chakra Ascension Kit

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    Ascended Heart Chakra Activation (so blissful!) 
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    Deep Grounding Meditation and Activation
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    Gaia Code Wealth Set 
  • 8D Shift Energy Clearing to Deeply Clear and Prep Heart (intense)
  • Release and Embody Divine with Quan Yin Meditation
  • Self Love Activation with Quan Yin

Your Heart Chakra 

By clearing, activating, grounding and embodying your ascended heart chakra you allow yourself the unconditional Divine love that is naturally yours.

Investment $77

practical ascension

Heart chakra Ascension Kit