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money energy Ascension Kit  

Take Your Power Back!

All too often money becomes a source of pain for us in 3D, with lack, struggle and confusion there is no wonder that money is such a giant topic. 

As we ascend our money energy to 5D we welcome in flow, abundance, joy, laughter and empowerment. It is our natural state with money.

There is often some conscious and unconscious programs that we play over and over again that keep us feeling stuck in 3D. This ascension kit helps to disrupt the patterns and move you consistently over to a 5D money energy.  

What's Included in the Money Energy Ascension Kit

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    New Gaia Code Activation Set Money Magnet
  •  Daily 5D Money Activation Recording
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    Deep Grounding Meditation and Activation
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    8D SHIFT clearings (2) for martyr and visibility
  • Expand Your Abundance Container Meditation 
  • Gaia Code Wealth Set
  • Weaving Golden Cords of Abundance Meditation
  • Magnetize yourself to Money Meditation

Like everything I offer this kit works with practical spirituality and mindfulness to bring clarity, self acceptance, empowerment and action. 

Investment for this Money Energy Ascension Kit is $77 and includes lifetime access to the content.

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Gaia Code Activations Included in these Sets:

Money Magnet Set 

Perception: This activation helps to release the energy that you need to do it all yourself. It helps to release pressure on yourself to figure it out, to know all the details and all the hows and allows you a more open connection to the Earth, to security and a deeper sense of support from the Earth through your root chakra. This also activates energy within you that helps to align you to receiving, allowing and feeling deserving and worthy of all the support of the universe.

Golden Heart:
This helps to anchor down supportive universal energies and anchor up supportive earth energies. This helps to pull your power back into your heart chakra for a manifesting boost of gratitude for the support you receive. Reminding you once again that you are not doing this on your own and it is safe to receive, trust and feel abundant and happy NOW.

Intricate Grounding:
This aligns you to Earth angel energy that braids and aligns your roots into the Earth for a deeper sense of support, security and grounding. Knowing that you are fully provided for. Knowing that you are safe and secure as you move forward. Knowing that it is safe to release the pressure on yourself as you expand into your potential and allow all the parts and pieces to align and draw to you all the resources, money, opportunities, inspiration and people that will expand your capacity to receive.

Receiving and Expressing Cycle:
This activation aligns you to accepting, receiving and allowing pleasure, money, and creativity and creates a pathway for that energy to then be expressed. Understanding the truth that you are a creative being and when you co-create with the Divine amazing, miraculous money miracles are available to you. This helps to wash away resistance energy to expression and receiving and allows you a greater sense of flowing with money.

This helps to align your bones, your spine, your nervous system. It helps to release past trauma around deserving and activates your energy to feel in every cell of your body that you deserve and are of value. This activation will work incrementally each time you listen to it and allow more and more deserving energy as you are ready to accept it. This activation helps to implant and expand the belief I am worthy and deserving now.

Trusting Truth:
This activation aligns you to the deeper truth that money is simply an energy and the more you trust yourself, the universe and allow yourself to feel that things are working out in your favor the easier and the larger amounts will flow to you. This helps to align your crown and throat chakra to receiving divine insights and inspiration that ultimately lead you to greater wealth. I am provided for as I move forward on my path and purpose.

Empowered State:
This activation aligns you to a deeper sense of empowerment. Knowing that you are fully responsible for your life, your co-creations and that it is safe to want and have and spend money as a part of this. This also helps to release pressure, tightly help control and strain, desperation and lack energy and replaces it with a peaceful flow. This helps to ground and integrate your solar plexus to the earth as reminds you that you are not doing this alone.

Wealth Set

 Abundance of the Ages: Activates memories and energies of wealth. What it feels like to be abundant AND benevolent. Activates creativity, Divine inspiration for your wealth path of least resistance.

 Flowers in Bloom:
Activates awareness of Divine worth and gifts. Alignment to Soul level creations that manifest abundance

 Money Coming Out Your Ears!:
Activates your clairsenses to awaken and signal you to paths of wealth potential. Also deters you from shiny object syndrome and moving down mis-aligned paths.

Priestess of the Earth:
Activates awareness of stability, security, heart, crown and solar plexus connection to the Earth. Expanding energetic intention into Earth and 2nd dimension to rearrange molecules, creating miraculous wealth co-creation when grounded and connected to the Earth.

Activates abundance frequencies ensuring grand sense of appreciation for essentials (like air and water) that are provided in life. Expands perception and gratitude for what you do have, to draw in more.

Green Goddess:
Aligns subconscious for when you see the color green, to signal more money is coming to you. Encourages you to get out in nature, surround yourself with plants and images of nature to harness and harvest abundance energy.

Sparrow of Peace:
Brings in a sweeping energy of peace, patience and higher perspective to all situations pertaining to self worth. Allows you to rise above ans see the bigger picture of wealth consciousness.

practical ascension

Money energy Ascension Kit