Monday Meditation Sessions

Devote to your practice and reclaim yourself

Guided Energy Healing Meditation Journeys 

Channelled Content 

Each of our sessions will be channelled live through my connection with the Akashic Records and the guides I work with, The Ascension Collective. 

Energy Healing and Activation

Through these guided journeys you will be delivered with energy healing and activations that align with current ascension energies. 

Live or Recorded

Join me live or listen to the recording within a few days for maximum benefit. Revisit the journeys you most resonate with to deepen your experience and practice. Allow your intuition to guide your relistens. 

Integration and Insight Cool Down

While these journeys may be quite energy intense we will follow them up with an optional space of gentle energy flow and openness so you can connect with the wisdom within and start to integrate what we focused on. 

Secure your space and get access to all live calls and all recordings.

Live calls are held each Monday at 10am EST

Recording are uploaded an hour after live call ends

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Some of the Meditations Currently Available in the Members Area


Transitions focus. Letting go of what is not you with the white flame, alchemist guides, and archangels and increasing your capacity to embody and be who you really are. Moving through transitions with ease and flow and letting go of the program of suffering for growth

Emotional Coherence

In this session we work with the emotional body, Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Metatron to come into deeper coherence and understanding of emotional empowerment.

Release the Past/ Open to Bright Future

In this journey, we gently release the past and open into our path forward.

Release and Rebalance with the New Moon

In this guided journey we work with the energy of the new and just beginning moon as well as guides and the Divine Feminine to rebalance and nourish.

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