Hey! I'm Tracy Gaudet, a Practical Ascension Guide, Personal Mastery Shaman and Wayshower of Awakening.

 I work with powerful lightworkers and spiritual business owners through the ascension process, to help accelerate them into more of their Soul self and Soul level gifts.

I use my combined training and intuitive connection to work in the Multidimensional Akashic Records and Halls of Amenti, through guided journeys, energy healing and activations to help expand you into greater possibilities and the next level that is open and available to you now. I work with a combination of energy, mindset and practical action to create Soul Alignment and Expansion.

When I started my first online business about 12 years ago I came in totally new to the game. I self taught, and got real awesome, real fast at online marketing, social media, Wordpress websites and more to propel my VA business into quick and consistent success. 

I never stay still too long, so quickly added Law of Attraction Coach to my wheelhouse. This started to open me up to understand why energy behaved the way is does and why some things were easy to manifest and others felt tricky.

That opened up the door to EFT tapping, Chakra healing and my spiritual gifts. 

As I opened up more to my Spiritual gifts I was quick to embrace my psychic side, energy healer and my now ever expanding library of intuitive and healing gifts.

While I give myself props for being self taught and ever expanding I could never had made any of it possible without the amazing coaches, healers and teachers, and support that I've had along the way.

To make it to that next level in life we all need support, we need accountability and we need to understand how and why we hold ourselves back so we can start to heal it.

If you are ready to say f*ck it - this is my year to step into my power. This is my year to embrace myself, get serious with my authentic self and REALLY love and appreciate myself. I would be HONORED to speak with you. 

My Journey

My online heart centered entrepreneur journey started in 2010, just after the birth of my 3rd (and final!) child. I had a huge calling to reach out, connect, and get involved and I figured the steps out as I went along my way.I quickly got into a groove and opened up a virtual assistant business to help authors and green businesses and initiatives spread their message. It was a natural fit for my organized, quick to learn new strategies and skills side and the business easily flourished.

As I continued on my own spiritual journey, my right brain and intuition were poking at me daily until I could not ignore it any longer. I had to step back from my virtual assistant business slightly, and dive in to this unstoppable desire I had within me to become a coach and develop my own intuitive abilities and eventually get in touch with my own energetic healing abilities. These 2 businesses, and my own journey have taught me so many brilliant insights about clearing limiting beliefs and blocks, working with the universal laws and how to run a successful business online that creating a combination, in online business alchemy, was a natural and aligned progression for me.

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