Energy Intensive & Mentorship

I see you powerful one.

Feeling disconnected much of the time. 

Feeling like you have so much power and joy within you yet not experiencing that in everyday life. 

Maybe you're feeling depleted, coming out of a fog or challenging time in your life.  

You know life is so much richer, so much more beautiful that you are currently feeling. 

If you resonate with this and are feeling called to reconnect with your joy and true self this may be the exact next step you've been looking for. 

The Way Back


In order to come back to your true state you must liberate yourself from heavy programs, illusions and perceptions that are not in alignment to your soul self/ your truth. 


In order to come back to your true state you must align to your own innate sense of knowing and discernment that will continue to guide your life forward.


In order to come back to your true self you you must know and feel what it means for you to connect with your true self. 


In order to live your life and be your true self you must learn to embody it and be who you really are despite whispers of your wounded ego.

True Self Recalibration

is an energy intensive spiritual reconnection journey so you can:

  • Remember who you really are and connect with it on all levels
  • Feel in love with life, joyful, connected and inspired
  • Remember why you are here and the life you came here to live
  • Live from a place of flow and authentic self expression
  • Anchor into deeper levels of spiritual connection and enrichment

About Tracy

I help intuitive women who have lost their spark for life to reclaim their true self, the empowerment, fulfilment and love for life without having to stop their daily lives. I firmly believe that spiritual advancement and soul level fulfillment can be achieved through everyday life. I guide women back to the truth of who they are, the intuition, wisdom and joy of who they really are. 

As a multi-modality energy healer and channel I work with all levels of being to redirect you back to yourself. 

Darcy Iverson

Relationship Coach

Transformative results 

Words cannot express the life changing experiences that came about as a result from working with Tracy Gaudet. Tracy is so kind, so gracious and SO divinely guided she is an absolute game changer. I have no doubt without Tracy as my guide and without her amazing skill set, I would not be where I am today. I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. Thank you Tracy!

Structure of Your Journey

Each journey of true self reconnection is custom and unique based on what will best serve you.

There will be a combination of energy healing modalities, mindset and mindfulness tools, practical actions, DNA restructuring and more from my toolbox for the most aligned journey for you. 

Amplified Self Knowing 

Utilizing birth data, Akashic Records and your Divine Ascension Blueprint we first reconnect and amplify your self knowing. Bringing in a mental reminder of who you really are and the person your soul self designed your ego to be. 

Private Mentorship & Sessions In The Akashic Records 

Our journey will require 6-8 weeks commitment and include at least 6 private sessions. Each session will open the space for profound healing, clarity and transformation and build on my system of true self reconnection. 

Energy Intensive 

Part of your transformation will be subtle and karmic energy healing, recalibration and activation. This part of our journey can be intense as we explore the depths of what needs to shift to bring you into deeper coherence with your soul self. Be ready to commit to self care. 

Mindfulness and Empowerment 

Your role and awareness is key to this journey creating a massive impact in your life. Through our sessions and communications we will uncover what mindful focus will create the biggest shift, and how to empower yourself to maintain this connection beyond our time together. 

Application & Investment

Investment for this 12 week energy intensive and mentorship journey is $6000 payment plans are available

Why I'm Offering This Transformation

For a long while I explored, experienced and moved through the depths of disconnection with my true self. My own journey took me through the pathway of debilitating depression and anxiety where I was unable to find and feel my truth. For years I explored these energies at depth, working through my own self healing and recalibration into my true self. 

Today I am in awe and gratitude for the energies of depression and anxiety as master teachers of frequency and alignment. Having come to a place of stability, joy and deeper connection and embodiment of my true self it is my role as wayshower guide and shaman to guide other back into this truth as well. 

If you are ready to let go of illusions, distortions and disconnect and reclaim the joy, wonder and love that is true self recalibration now is the time to stand up and be the change.