Practical Ascension

You know it's your time to rise, and you are so here for it.

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Programs, Workshops & Sessions

Energy Recordings $11

Parasite/Entity Displacement & Energetic Sovereignty

These energy healing and activation recordings work with your freewill, sovereignty, Divine Light Tools and light language to exfoliate your energy field and get back to yourself.

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Series $22

Rebalance 2023

Work With Wounded Aspects of Self 

Energy Healing to Release Trauma from 2020 - 2022.

Anxiety, Depression and Ascension Audio Training. 

Covid Healing and Covid Vaccine Trauma Release.

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Series $22

Expanding into Your Divine Design.

DNA Light Code Reawakening Series. Energetic activations to unwind, open and activate your Divine DNA.

Also includes the workshop Activating Your Divine Design in Daily Life. 

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Workshop $11

Physical Ascension Workshop
Your physical body is a massive aspect of your continued spiritual awakening and ascension pathway. We explore the connection our physical body plays in ascension.

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Course $444


Deep rebalancing practice working with the nervous system, energy body, physical body and stored emotions to come to a place of deeper harmony and presence within. 

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Journey Series $333

Embodied Light Leader 

In this exploration and activation journey we are clarifying our role and catalyzing our embodiment of our ascended light leadership. 

9 Journey sessions included.

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Course $444

Ascended CoCreation
This container is created for the light worker and change maker that is ready to fully claim their co-creation empowerment.

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Membership $1200

Ascension Alchemy Temple

This container is created for those who feel that level of expansion calling and are ready to spiral into their next evolution.  

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Private Session $999

Sacred DNA Activation and Restructure Method®

Your Soul DNA, your Highest expression of self is activated and engaged in this private session. 

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Private Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship

Custom spiritual mentorship, healing, and advanced spiritual exploration. 

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Course $22

Expand Your Intuition and Connect to Your Akashic Records

Get access to this 7 day course. Also available on Insight Timer app.  

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The Magazine for Creators of Global Change. 

Learn more and get your copy, including my article and guided journey to work with and soothe the ego for a deeper mastery of co creation. 

Past Client Experience 

Kate Karpen - Psychic Healer and Mentor

It’s the most content filled and supportive course I’ve ever taken. There was no extra fluff, just exactly what was needed and you went above and beyond to make sure everyone understood everything that was taught and kept everyone engaged. The video modules are straightforward and to the point and full of information and I love the healings. 

I’m reconnecting to my intuition again and to my soul purpose as a healer.

Shelley Scudder - Spiritual Coach

I was hesitant to take this course because I had many other obligations going on at the same time. I was afraid I couldn't dedicate enough time to it. Now I feel much more grounded and a shift in my understanding of the events of my life.  I feel a sense of wonder and excitement with discovering my records. 

The way you teach, Tracy, feeds my soul. You answer my questions before I ask them! I appreciate your flexibility and willingness to provide additional training in other areas. I love that you provide time for us to practice.

I would absolutely recommend this course! It is packed with value, high vibe participants and a kick ass teacher! Thank you, Thank You, Thank you! 

Lucy Parnaby - Soul Coach

Honestly, I loved it all. I particularly love following you when you guide us to visit past lives or temples etc.

I feel that I have had a shift in understanding and awareness and my mind has been opened beyond what I thought was possible! It’s a shift in awareness and understanding for me, delving deeper into it all.

You are a fantastic teacher, I love your approach. Kind, genuine, approachable, down to Earth but also very inspiring and knowledgeable!

Thank you so much! I’ve loved delving into the Akashic world with you. It has been amazing. Truly grateful!